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Recent posts by Anbooo Sanygao

I dont think u need real time experience to go for Java certification (SCJProgrammer ). BUT, u do need real time experience for getting a job(in java). Check the latest syllabus from sun site. Get a good book on certification ( RHE is good ). Do more number of mock tests. You can find hundreds of free mock tests in maha site. All the Best.
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I used to feel the same way for Maha Anna. Shes the BEST ever.
If u r new to Java, then please download JLS ( Java language specification ) from sun site and read it once. Then read the resources from Most of ur simple, major doubts will be cleared.
In the Question u hv asked the right answer is strings doesnt match. Also put a search on various topics in this same discussion session. This kinda qs are already discussed sometime back
I just wanna say one thing. even if u score 100% still its not a great achievement when u talk abt job search. My friends company hired couple of people just based on their certification ( SCJP ) Later they found those guys didnt hv any programming experience at all. guess what ? they were told to quit the company in just 15 days b'cos they couldnt cope up with the work. Some companies hiring freshers may consider this good, but not all. So whats important is practice and more programming experience along with ur certification than the score. People might not agree with me, but hey, this is my view.
one small correction. syllabus not changed. but just the exam pattern and the passing score
Simon Roberts book is really a good book to start for certification preparation and then check the Exam Cram book for Java and do all the mock tests in . Good luck
pre-fix something comes prior (before)
suffix something comes after

aSTRINGz - a is prefix to the STRING and z is suffix
I hope this makes u clear
hope the following Notes from JLS makes it clear
4.2.3 Floating-Point Types and Values

Positive zero and negative zero compare equal; thus the result of the expression 0.0==-0.0 is true and the result of 0.0>-0.0 is false. But other operations can distinguish positive and negative zero; for example, 1.0/0.0 has the value positive infinity, while the value of 1.0/-0.0 is negative infinity. The operations Math.min and Math.max also distinguish positive zero and negative zero.
when the class is loaded all the static variables get assigned/initialised.
It changed from 4th October,2000. more possibility to have a major change from January
Many people who hv cleared SCJP acknowledged Marcus test is very close to the real test. so u can check that one. Good luck.
I tried with IE5.0 and Netscape 6. It doesnt work. You can try other online exam simulators from