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Recent posts by Peter Potter

How much does it take you to do a standard Enthuware OCA test ? Even though my results range between 90 and 100% it takes me about 4 hours to do the test . Can i assume the real exam is faster to do or is there something wrong with my brain speed ?
Most likely no job unless you have 2 years of commercial experience with java programming or alternatively masters degree in computer science and required skills proved by non commercial projects you've done.
this snippet is from book A Programmer's Guide to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) by Khalid A. Mughal , Rolf W Rasmussen

public class MyClass {
public static void main(String[] args) {
MyClass a;
MySubclass b;
a = new MyClass(); // (1)
b = new MySubclass(); // (2)
a = b; // (3)
b = a; // (4)
a = new MySubclass(); // (5)
b = new MyClass(); // (6)
class MySubclass extends MyClass {}

question : which lines cause compilation fail

my answer that was wrong : only line 6
correct answer : lines 4 and 6
what i thought was that line 4 will throw classcastexception because  classes are in the same inheritance tree and compiler is not that smart to define whether under the superclas's reference a is a subclass object ( there might be ) or superclass object and has to allow assigning a reference to b and at runtime it will become clear that under a was superclass object and it ill throw an exception .
I remember doing similar questions and it was correct way of thinking so why it failed here ?
3.Does my photograph have an influence on my exam result ? is it watched by someone inside Oracle and if they dont like my face can they fail me even if i have enough points to pass ? Does someone control this ?

I really need to know if Oracle discriminates against people with hyperreactive bladder ( like me ) who need to take a piss every 60-90 min especially when they are under stress.
Hello , after having seen this movie i have some questions concerning java exams there.
1. Is it true i can take a break during OCA exam and eat something or go to the toilet?
2. Is it true they will take my photo and scan my palm , and if so what happens next ? Who will store this data and how it may be used ? Will my photo be displayed in online database along my exam certificate for example when validating by potential employer ? What happens with camera recordings of me taking an exam ? Can it theoretically be used in a commercial unbeknowst to me ? Do i get any contract / papers to sign where it says what i agree to concerning processing my personal data and image ?
Because Classroom constructor is of default access ?
Hi . I have a few questions :
1.When exam asks about exceptions is it also about errors? Are errors considered exceptions or are only classes that extend Exception class?
2.Which particular methods of String,StringBuilder,ArrayList etc. are required on the exam? I know these classes have much more methods than are mentioned in exam books and simulators,an i'm wondering if i should learn methods like split,join,regionMatches,subSequence etc.
3.Are there many questions with missing brackets ? I cant remember having any on exam simulators .Should i even pay attention to this on real exam?
When doing mock exams i find it very difficult to stay focused after 30-40 minutes and i have to take a break, i cannot imagine taking an exam that is 2,5 h long  Do anybody know of any legal substances that could help me stay focused and improve the speed of solving tasks ? Caffeine is not an option - it makes me anxious.
I'm going to take the OCAJP some time soon and i want to know if it's true that oracle is currently not issuing hard copies of their certificates under the lame environmential excuse?
Ans if so could somebody tell me how does a pdf certificate look like ? does it look like one of certificates in google search ?

If so it looks really easy to photshop your name on it , print , and pass yourself as a certified expert on job interviews!

Another thing i would like to confirm is whether a number of correct answers to every question on the exam is still given?
2 years ago
HI to all,

1.I read somewhere that people who are non native english speakers have additional 30 minutes on the exam , is this still valid? I cannot find any information on this now...
2.Are there any mistakes,typos,wrong answers in enthuware and whizlabs exam simulators as of today ? I remember reading whizlabs was full of mistakes some years ago...