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Recent posts by Davide Preosti

Junilu Lacar wrote:

We start out code reviews by running all the tests. That way, we at least know that there are no known bugs.

Then we go through the tests and make sure we all have the same understanding of what the intent is for each one.

That's very interesting! So you read first the test code and then the production? We have done a study last year (yep, also here in code ranch, among others) where we were looking at this. We called it "TDR" (Test-Driven Review). You can find it here:

TLDR: very few people apply this practice. Who applies it, reported that they do it to get an idea of what the code does before diving into the real implementation. They use tests as "documentation": indeed, a unit test can be seen as the smallest use case possible. However, among the cons of this practice, the main is that developers write horrible tests (sometimes they don't even write them), so TDR would be impossible to apply.

BTW: we would need 10 more people to participate, do you know anyone that could be interested in such study?

Results are almost ready
11 months ago

Brecht Geeraerts wrote:I also made my contribution!

I'd definitely be interested to read the peer-reviewed manuscript once it is published!  

Definitely! As soon as we publish the manuscript we will share it in this thread
11 months ago
Hello guys!

I am doing this experiment on Code Review on GitLab. The idea is that I have created a tool to enhance the GitLab UI, and I want to test out whether it's actually useful and helpful.
It would really mean a lot to me if you could participate in this experiment. I leave you here the link and the details:

The experiment should require around 15 minutes (it's a code review of 6 Java files).

Please let me know if you have further questions!

PS: by participating, it's not sure you're gonna end up in the test group (the one with the new GitLab UI), you might end up in the control group (the one with the normal UI).
Please send me a message if you want further details

Thank you,
11 months ago
Hi guys,
I am investigating the order in which we start reviewing files (namely from test or production files), and why.

I created a 2 minutes survey with these question.
Here is the link:

Thank you for the attention, and if you want to be updated with the results, write me your email
1 year ago
Hey guys,
I was interviewing developers, and it appears to me that some developers prefer to start reviewing from the test and then look at the real code (production code), and other developers do vice-versa.
I am trying to write a sort of tutorial (kind of best practices among developers), and I wanted to know your opinion.

Question 1: Which order do you prefer? And why?
Question 2: Are there occasions in which you prefer one over the other?
Question 3: Main advantages of starting with tests?

Thank you for your opinion!

2 years ago
Ahahah thank you for participating!

I am writing a paper on this investigation..should be ready in a month! I will keep you posted!

2 years ago
Sorry for that! I had to restart the server due to a network failure. So a couple of experiments were gone. Now everything should be ok!

For the "Toggle button":
I divided the review in 2 parts, and you can see only 1 part at the time.
I can't reveal the rationale behind (otherwise I bias you ;) ).
With that button you can look at the other part of the review. Small things to say is that some reviews do not contains a "second part" (still part of the experiment and I can't say why), so if you press it nothing happens!

Thanks for participating and if you have further questions, I am here!
2 years ago
I forgot to mention with this experiment you will get the chance to win EUR 50 (~ USD 62) cash prizes!
2 years ago
Hi guys! I am Davide, a PhD student at TU Delft (NL) and I am investigating in best practices in code review.
It would be very helpful if you could participate in my experiment, in which you have to review 2 small changes,
it's funny and it won't take a lot of time! The experiment is online, so you can do it whenever you prefer!

The link to the experiment is:

And if you know other people who could participate, please send them the link!
Thank you very much for your help!
2 years ago