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Recent posts by Phil Niksen

I'm using Hibernate.The error is

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Could not load requested class : text
4 years ago

I am creating a Web Chat application and I want to keep the content of messages into a column in my database.I think the best practice is to use "text" type so I tried to use this annotation:

but I got an error.Is there a way to store more than 255 characters into database?
4 years ago
I have my model classes plus dto classes, do I need anything more to persist into database.
4 years ago
After I added persistence I don't get any error, the server starts but nothing is written in my database
4 years ago
Still doesn't work...

probably the error is something bigger.One thing that bugs me is that use both and persistence.xml.The connection properties I added are the same but do I need to use both?
4 years ago
I have included dependencies in my pom.xml file.
Yes, it is.
The url is correct.
4 years ago
One problem I currently have is that error:

Failed to configure a DataSource: 'url' attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured.
Reason: Failed to determine a suitable driver class
Consider the following:
If you want an embedded database (H2, HSQL or Derby), please put it on the classpath.
If you have database settings to be loaded from a particular profile you may need to activate it (no profiles are currently active).

I 've put the dependency of mariadb in pom.xml and I put this on an file


Do I need anything more?
4 years ago
Thanks for the reply...My application structure for the backend is this:


I am not sure if I used best practice.I have designed a first db schema with three entities (Users, Rooms and Messages).Rooms to users (one to many), users to messages (one to many), rooms to messages (one to many) is the relation I'm thinking.

4 years ago
Avoid front-end=avoid javascript :P

So I can use JSP with Spring Boot, Websockets and mySQL?
4 years ago
Yes, I will use websockets although I'm not that familiar with that.I 've done a project with Spring Boot before, a bit simple though with Angular as Front and mariadb for database.I really enjoyed working with Hibernate and sql db so I wanna use it again.I didn't put a hand to the front end though, so I'm thinking if I can somehow avoid it with the use of JSP.
4 years ago

Phil Niksen wrote:Web application

I am thinking something like slack...
4 years ago
I want to save messages and also have registration for the users so I need a database.I don't care about performance because it's a thesis project (nothing commercial) so I think it's better to use something that I'm familiar with.
4 years ago

I want to create a chat application as a part of a project.I don't care much about the performance so I decided to use mysql database (mariadb) because I'm more familiar.Thing is I am not sure about the rest of the stack.Is JSP a good option?Or I should go with a front end technology (Angular) plus Java?
4 years ago
Thanks for the great replies.Looks like all of them are useful.