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Just wanted to share my story here as there are little to nothing regarding Spring Certification journeys. Anyway, I've took the exam today and scored 86%.

It was both hard and easy. There were questions which were pretty straightforward and some, where you really had to think about.
I've took it remotely and it was quote pleasant. If you prepare and answer all questions in their Certification Guide, you're good to go. For me, it took more or less 5 months to prepare, read through several materials and understand the concepts. I've summarized them and shared in my github repo.
Also, I've used ITestJava mock exams. I think they are a little outdated as there are questions regarding xml configuration. But the price was reasonable and despite xml questions, its good.

If you have any questions, except certification questions themselves, shoot and I will try to answer.
Wow! Congrats! I just recently noticed that it is actually available. I guess I'll wait for books and mock up tests before trying to pass this exam. Nevertheless, exciting!

Jesus Angeles wrote: has practice tests for 4.2.

Have you used them or have you created them? If used them for spring certification, how close they were?
2 years ago
If somebody else will take spring exam, please post as there are little to no stories on internet I am was thinking about 4.3 myself, but currently don't have the time, but will start during the summer. By the way, there is a github link, where a guy just summarized his notes:
2 years ago
Congratz! Which cert are you eyeing next?
2 years ago

I was going to start preparing for Java EE 1Z0-899 (Web Components) certification. However, the latest certification is only for Java EE 6, which seems a bit old. Does anybody know whether Eclipse foundation will provide Jakarta EE (new Java EE) certification? Maybe I should postpone and wait for newer versions?
2 years ago
Both Error and RuntimeException are unchecked exceptions, meaning you can add Runtime Exceptions and Errors to method signatures.

Thiago Antunes wrote:Congratulations !!! !!! I started my preparation for the OCPJP and I felt a little more difficulty than the OCAJP.

Hello Thiago! Thank you OCP is more difficult. Especially when it comes to Generics, Streams and Files/Paths methods. But once you pass it, you will have enough to start working or even reading other's code. Also, don't beat yourself too much and keep a normal pace. I think it's really important to let the information sink. Best of luck in your preparation!

Pete Letkeman wrote:That is a great first post Laurynas which gets a cow and welcome to CodeRanch.

Are you willing to share your Enthuware exam scores?

When you get a few moments would you please add yourself to both the OCA Wall Of Fame and the OCP Wall Of Fame which are located here and here

Laurynas Robotas wrote:By the way, does anybody know if Jakarta EE will have their own certification?

I think that you may want to start a new thread for this question.

Hello Pete, thank you for a cow Concerning Enthuware exam score, unfortunately I have already removed my Enthuware software and cannot say the exact scores For future certs I will keep a note of them.
And thanks for suggestion regarding Jakarta EE. I will create a new topic

For past 8 months coderanch stories of passing Oracle SE exams were inspiration and both source of information. Thus I wanted to share my own experience for future readers.

OCA. Material:
- OCA Study Guide Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff (Big shout out to them, great material)
- Enthuware mock exams (Great mock exams)

I started preparing for OCA during 2017 spring, and it took me about 3-4 months to both finish studying (making notes and memorizing) and practice Enthuware exams. I did not finish all of them, because I wanted to have some left just in case I fail OCA. The results of Enthuware were always between 70% and 80%. I was a bit worried, but most of you here, in coderanch, said that they were harder than the real OCA exam, so I took my shot.

Result: 82%.

OCP. Material:
- OCP Study Guide. Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff
- Enthuware mock exams.

After I finished OCA, I started to prepare for OCP right away. It took me 5-6 months to read the book and start Enthuware exams. This time around, my results were always between 60 and 70%. I took the same strategy and left few behind just to make sure I would have something to practice if I failed the exam. Enthuware mocks really showed where I lack knowledge and I was able to improve on those points. However, this time I was really worried as my results were not great.

Result of OCP: 87%.

I can conclude that Enthuware is pretty close to OCA, but when it comes to OCP, its really harder compared to the real exam. And its a good thing, it makes you push even harder. At one time during OCP exam I thought that maybe I bought the wrong test as it seemed so easy.

Also, if somebody is doubting whether there is any use of certs - don't. Firstly and most importantly, preparation for them will give you a solid ground for more complex technologies (Spring, JavaEE). I have worked and talked with other Java developers and it really shows. Secondly, streams are awesome. Really understand them, memorize them, because they will help you in your daily programming life. And thirdly, most of the companies appreciate the effort and certs so it will be way easier for you to find your first job.

Next stop I believe will be Java EE (OCEJWCD), Spring 4.3 Programmer Cert and (OCEJPAD).

By the way, does anybody know if Jakarta EE will have their own certification?