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Recent posts by Bin Zhao

I know that holding an SCJP certificate won't guerantee you a job.
How about SCJD?
Or what's the value of getting SCJD Cert(which will cost you $400)?
23 years ago
Hi,I am new to this forum.
I have just passed SCJP
Next I want to make SCJD.
Can anyone tell me how to begin with preparation for SCJD?
What knowledge I need. What books and materials.Any tips would be highly appreciated.
Almost all of my preparation tips are from Java Ranch
So be careful about what others said.
Good luck
23 years ago
Today at 11:15 I got my final score of 93%.
Thanks to Ajith Kallambella, Maha, Marcus Green and all of you who ever helped me.
I think I have some experience to share with those who 'll appear on the test in future.
As others said,the exam is not tough,nor is it very easy to get a high score.The four topics I have missed are Thread,IO,Layout and Control flow. So pay more attention to these topics,especially Thread.
Try to figure out as many situations as possible in which thread is involved,otherwise you 'll be sure to encounter one you have no idea about.

Most questions involve code.Try as much as you can.
Try to make clear every point you have read in preparation materials(which is right and which is wrong).I was misguided
by a tip I have read.
No questions about applet,mediatracker and socket.
Thanks for all of my friends again.
Next I am going to do SCJD.
See you there
23 years ago
Again I encountered this problem.
Again I got it wrong.
Question 22)
What can cause a thread to stop executing?
1) The program exits via a call to System.exit(0);
2) Another thread is given a higher priority
3) A call to the thread's stop method.
4) A call to the halt method of the Thread class
I always think 2) is incorrect but everytime I am wrong.
I think in time-slicing system,even when a thread with higher priority gets runnable,the thread scheduler won't let it to run until the original running thread finishes its time-slice.
Please help me with this.I am appearing the test in 3 days.
If I encounter this question again in real test,should I choose it or not?
I am sure.
What error did you get?
you have to put in a dirctory named abc.
For example: -->c:\java\abc -->c:\java
Then you can compile without error.
But I tried the following code and it compiles well
import abc.Parent;
public class Sub extends Parent {
void zzz() { }
// void zzz(int j) { }
//final void zzz(float f) { }
//public final void zzz(double d) { }
} in another package abc
package abc;
public class Parent {
final void zzz() { }
So I think anwser A is right since the zzz(0 method in Parent class has default access,it can not be seen in other packages.
So the Sub class can define zzz() method freely.
This is just like private method.The subclass can define a method with the same signature and return type as the private method in superclass.
BTW,the anwser to the above question is B,C,D.
Consider the following class definition:
public class Parent {
final void zzz() { }
Which of the following methods may appear in a subclass of Parent, when the subclass is in a different package from Parent? Choose all correct options.
A) void zzz() { }
B) void zzz(int j) { }
C) final void zzz(float f) { }
D) public final void zzz(double d) { }
I choose A,B,C,D
but the anwser said I am wrong.
Who can give correct anwser to this question?
A thread will stop running if another thread with higher priority enters the runnable state.
I think it's false because time sharing system don't allow this.
Anyone give his opinion?
All the mumbers of superclass are inherited by its subclass.

As to question 4,I think because \u000a represents \n character in Java,so '\u000a' can be seen as '\n',which is not a valid statement.similarily,'\u000d'='\r'.
Only Frames can contain menu bars or pull-down menus.
I think it is true.
But a mock exam's anwser is false.
Can anyone clear this?
I encountered some questions related with these two topics in some Mock Exams.
Khalid's book said return; can exist in initializers(P149).But when I compile the following code,the compiler complains
public class MQ7
int i=0;
public MQ7()

public static void main(String args[])
MQ7 tf = new MQ7();
Did I miss something?