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Recent posts by Nathan Milota

One thing I just reviewed,  

In a for loop, doing ++i does the same thing as i++.  I thought doing ++i would increment i by 1 before it enters the loop.  
2 months ago
I've been reading books and taking tons of practice tests for the exam, and I still only managed to score 47% on the test.  

The problem is, that on all the practice tests I've taken, I've been getting close to 100% of the questions right, and the actual exam didn't even remotely resemble those.  
I've been using the Kaplan software, which has a bank of 194 questions it draws from.

I'm beginning to wonder if there was a glitch or something in the test, because the breakdown of the types of questions also wasn't accurate to what it should have been it seems.  My score sheet breakdown says one of the areas I missed was create a simple lambda expression, but there were no questions on the test on lambdas.  There were also several questions on running java from the command line, and there should have only been about 1-2 questions on that.  I don't know if they actually use a breakdown of question types, or just randomly draw 70 questions from their database regardless of the topic.  

Many of the questions were also worded very awkwardly as well and didn't make much sense.

The real problem is, I don't really know what to do to in order to prepare to do better next time.  I can study the java command line and brush up on some things, but all in all, I don't remember what the exam really had on it much, because it didn't look familiar to me based on what I studied.

Is there any software that isn't expensive that someone can recommend?  Someone who has taken and passed the test and recalls being similar to what was actually being asked?  

The questions that I actually did the best on in practice tests, I didn't even see those types of questions on the exam.  

They have a bunch of "does not compile" choices on nearly every question.  

I'm thinking I just didn't use the right software, or the test has been modified a lot since the Kaplan software was created and they didn't keep up with the changes.  
2 months ago
I invented the summer camp program that I asked a lot of questions about, and that's what I do outside of working with Java.  One of the camps I am working at this summer has a tradition where you are known by a nickname other than your own name because it keeps a mysterious image of you, and also with the exception of me, most of the counselors just got out of high school within the last couple years, and they get kind of tired of complaints from over-protective parents who didn't like a sarcastic remark a counselor posted on twitter or another site, so they just don't post or print our real names on anything.

I still haven't come up with a name yet, and I was wondering if anyone had a catchy nickname related to Java, or general programming that might be a cool camp name.  

Please don't suggest Garbage Collector, as I don't want that to be my job at camp.
2 months ago
I thought that if I didn't declare the name of the super class, I couldn't put it in a list of objects of that super class.  Is that not correct?
4 months ago
My question was more that I can do more with it by putting Food first, so why would I want to limit it to Pizza if I can't do anything else with it, such as putting it in a Food array?  
4 months ago
So, then why would I do it the other way?
4 months ago
I have a class called Food.

I have two sub-classes called Pizza and Sandwich.  

Why would I create an object this way

vs.  this way

4 months ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:What does (char) i do?

It's just saying if the (char)i is equal to the character, it is printed.  I don't know what exactly it does though.
4 months ago

I saw this in an example, but I don't understand the meaning behind the loop numbers.  

What is the loop beginning at 48 and going to 57 supposed to mean?

If I change the numbers from 0 to 10, it doesn't work, but all the numbers are less than 10 that it prints out in order.  However, none of the numbers are between 48 and 57.  What is the significance of those numbers of why it is looping?  I printed out the numeric value at each char as well, but it is not showing they are different than 1,9,7.  

4 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Yes, I think that would be a working solution; somebody else has already suggested it.

I didn't read it.  I was just making sure I understood it myself.  The problem wasn't my lack of skills then.  It was just not understanding what the problem was asking.  

The word driver threw me off, because I was thinking installing drivers on your computer.  
5 months ago
Most of my memory is free.  Over 700 GB.  I have an i7 processor.
5 months ago

Claude Moore wrote:When does your Eclipse installation freeze ? During autocompletion of code ? When you run your application ? What else ?
As suggested by Liutauras, are you sure that hardware requirements are satisfied?

It freezes for a few seconds at various times.  When creating a new method, adding setters and getters, etc.  It says not responding for about 5 seconds, and works again.  If it was just a few times here and there, it wouldn't be a problem, but it gets annoying when it is doing new tasks and I have to keep waiting for it to catch up all the time.  

I don't know what requirements I need.  I have a PC and Windows 10.
5 months ago
I didn't read any of the posts in detail, but I just wanna see if my understanding is correct conceptually.  I don't know exactly where it said this in the question, but your explanation says you are trying to find out after which index the break occurs where the time between two sides is equal.  Correct?  

If it was me, I would take the sum of all the numbers, and then I would go through a loop, and add all of them together.  When we get to the point of the loop where it is half of the sum, that is the index of the break.  Did I get that correct?  I didn't read any of the other solutions, so I am not copying or repeating what anyone else said if they offered this solution.  I just wanna make sure I get it.  
5 months ago
I get it a little more.  I just don't really know what is meant by the word driver here.  Is it supposed to mean anything specific?
5 months ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Is it clearer?

Not really.  I took advanced math courses in college and I don't get what the problem is even asking to begin with.  I guess I need to read it a few more times.
5 months ago