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Recent posts by Phil Webster

Thanks. I had more of a search on "Interface" and eventually found some pages that explained it in a simple manner.

2 years ago
I have a RecylerView, called from my MainActivity.
This RecyclerView holds a list of Titles and Values.
(Detail: They are Attributes of your character in a Game. e.g. Strength 50, Agility 62, Wisdom 43 etc)
The user can change the Values (I am currently using a Spinner, but am open to other methods)

I need to display a total of these Values, and also update the Person Object with them.

From what I can see, I need to set a Listener to notice a Change, and then use an Interface to call a Method in Main Activity, but I cannot find details on this.
Searching fro "interface" produces results about UI.

How do I go about this?
2 years ago
I am writing an App that produces a set of Random people for a Dungeons and Dragons game

I would like to display it as a RecyclerView/GridView, but some rows want to have different numbers of Entries.

e.g. Row One: Name
Row Two: Race, and Profession
Row Three: Distinguishing Feature
Row four: Good Ability, and Poor Ability
Row Five: Talent
Row Six: Mannerism, and Attitude

How can I produce a View that copes with this
2 years ago
Well, I eventually got Firebase Crashlytics installed, after crawling over the broken glass that is their out-of-date documentation, poor support and Known Bugs.

Seems useful so far, but I still have limited Testers. Crashes look to be minimal so far.

I am still looking fro ways to expand my number of Testers, and get feedback about the Game-Play.
2 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:I suppose your testers are not technical enough to have the Android SDK installed so they could run "adb logcat" and send you the stacktrace...?

As an alternative you could instrument the app with Firebase Crashlytics so you get crash reports.

I can try to get some of them to send me logcat results.

I don't currently use Firebase, or know much about it, but will investigate.
2 years ago
The App is currently in "Internal Testing", and only available to people who I have on my Testers list (Which I am trying to expand)

MY tests of it do not crash, but I have had some feedback that some peoples' copies do - but I am struggling to find why.
I know there are some layout issues, but as I only have limited numbers of devices to test on, I struggle to correct these

But in general, people are not complaining. The limited number of people I have signed-up are not responding

Is there a good resource for explaining how to use Unit Testing?

2 years ago
I have tried to look into Unit Testing, and Junit, etc, but it somehow just skims off my brain, and won't sink in

Also, I am looking for other Real People to have a look at my App, to see how it plays, as I am too close to it.
2 years ago
I am writing an Android Game, and need it testing for bugs, and game-play.

I have inquired on a few forums/Facebook groups, but had little feedback.

I am registered on Google Play, and their Pre-Release Reports have identified some technical issues, but they do not address the game-play.

How can I get some feedback from people who are interested in testing my Game?
2 years ago
It is an Android project.
I have got a simple 2d array working, randomly filled with "shop", "house" or "road" but I'm not sure I'm going down the right  route.
3 years ago
I have some experience of Java/Android (published a couple of simple Apps), and am wanting to expand my knowledge and skills.
I had the idea of creating a Random City Map, but am struggling to get started.

The basic idea is to have a random shape (convex, sort-of circular), and run some "Main Roads" through it. Then fill the gaps between the roads with side-roads and buildings.

Are there any tutorials or resources on how to begin such a project, or is there a Stage I need to learn before jumping into this Deep Mire?
3 years ago
I have written an Android App that pulls lots of data from Random Lists. (For inspiring Authors and Gamers).
Categories are Names (male/female, plus surname), Furniture (Kitchen, bathroom, Lounge, Bedroom, plus material), Quests (You must <activity> the <descriptor><maguffin> before <time limit>)
The lists are defined in XML String-Arrays.

I have added a feature to allow users to add their own custom data to each list, which I store in  CSV Files.

Currently, each category has its own separate Add Data Activity and Layout. This seems to be leading to long, messy code.
e.g. if "Add Data to Quests Lists" is chosen, the user is presented with "Add activity", "Add descriptor" and "Add Maguffin" boxes.
"Add data to Names Lists presents "Add Male Name", "Add Female name" and "Add Surname" options.

Is there a way to put all of the Add Data actions into one Activity/Layout, and still have it filtered by Category?
3 years ago