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Recent posts by Ihab Ismail

Passed today my SCJP 1.4 with 91%
Thanks a lot guys for maintaining such a wonderful site! All your valuable comments, discussions and ideas have helped me tremendously. My preparation was:
1. Read Khalid Mughal's book very thoroughly
2. Solved all of Dan's Topic exams
3. Solved Marcus Green's Exams.
4. Read Sun's Assertions tutorial
5. Read a short article on hashCodes.
Special thanks to Dan: The topic exams are immenslly helpful in learning key ideas and avoiding many many mistakes. You can't miss them! Marcus Green's exams are also wonderful, and give you a feel of the real exam ( I felt The real exam was easier though). Needless to say, Mughal's book is simply the best!
Paradoxically, after finishing the exam on the same day I got a job offer as a .NET developer!!! Do you beleive this???
And I mainly have a Java development background!!
What I came to realize is that there was something even more valuable to this certification than learning Java, which I beleive
was the value you gain by setting a personal goal and striving to achieve it. You actually learn a lot about yourself, not just Java...you're own strengths and weaknesses as an individual! What things about you that may hinder you from future successes and what attitudes that you have that are a necessary ingredient! So I guess Java afterall is not the end...but could be the means to self discovery!!!
21 years ago
I think you're right. Just not enough time to compose such a CD before the fair. But I agree it is a very good idea!
One more question though: Is it the norm to include a cover letter with the paper resume at the employment fair? or is the resume enough??
21 years ago
I am going to attend a large employment fair targetting employees whose IT expereinces range from fresh grads to 3 year development expereince.
I have 3 years in Development expereince. I want my resume to stand out from the huge piles of resumes. Hence, I was thinking of attaching to the back of my paper resume the recommendation letters I have recived from work. I don't know it this is a good idea or not. I can surely tell you, it will be the only resume with such letters attached and hence it will stand out! But is that a turn-off? Note that these letters come from big and reputable firms.
21 years ago
Sorry but I still don't get it:
I think it's because TreeSet is backed by a TreeMap instance
So which of the three features in the question does TreeSet NOT satisfy
A TreeSet differs from a HashSet precisely because it maintains an ordering.
And how does that make it not qualify for a correct answer for the above question?
Collections Question from Dan's Exam:
a. Each element must be unique.
b. Duplicate elements must not replace old
c. Elements are not key/value pairs.

Which of these classes provides the specified features?
a. LinkedList
b. TreeMap
c. TreeSet
d. HashMap
e. HashSet
f. Hashtable
g. All of the above
h. None of the above
The answer is e. HashSet
I don't understand why c.TreeSet is not also correct! Any idea?
The answer explains that TreeSet sorts the elements according to the Key! I also dont understand how that is so? I thought keys were used in List implementations not Set. I also don't know why the sorting issue is relevant to the question?!?!
Very Interesting!!! Thanks much for your good responses..

Originally posted by Barry Gaunt:

3. The question?: well first I would write a test
program. I'll do that later.

The reason I ask is: On Dan's Collection questions there was code of the form:
< HashMapReference > instanceof Collection
My immediate reaction was that a compile time error should occur because HashMap and Collection
instances could not reference a common subtype.
However, The code compiled.
So on second thought I concluded that HashMapReference is allowed to refer to an Object of a subtype which may implement Collection. If this is correct reasoning then the same would be true if the right hand side of instanceof was any Interface whatsoever as the interface is allowed to be implemented by a runtime object of the left hand side . A compile time error should never occur. Am I right or did I miss anything?
I don't know where those smileys came from!!
Bearing in mind the syntax of the instanceOf operator:
(<reference> instanceOf (<destination type>
Is it true that if we replace the destination type with any interface type whatsoever, then
the above statement will never generate a compile time error? (assuming the reference and interface Type have been correctly declared of course) If so, then why?

Originally posted by noman iqbal:
the problem is that I don't have physical access to the proxy server). Please help me.

You can use an application that will give you remote access to the server's desktop, so you can run programs on the server remotely.
Netmeeting is one such program that I have used. You install it on the server and your pc. Configure it to your LAN settings. It has an option "Enable remote access requests", which I beleive is password protected. It will show u all the server Desktop icons on your pc allowing control from your pc.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Rosie Vogel:
My Windows 2000 machine has suddenly gone crazy. Immediately after if has finished booting, it starts rebooting. The only way I can stop it from doing this is by starting up in safe mode. ?

I had the same 'symptom' a year ago. It turned out to be the processor fan was not working. The processor would soon over-heat and the pc would reboot. Check if you have a fan problem..

Also, last time I installed Windows I upgraded from 98 to 2000 and got this f*@%ing dual boot which I didn't want. Now, if I do have to re-install after all, and I decide to upgrade to XP while I'm at it, will I get triple boot ?
On Installing Xp, you will get 2 options:
1. Upgrade your windows and
2. New Installation.
I beleive option 2 will replace your existing windows with the new one BUT YOU MAY LOSE YOUR DATA. However when I chose option 2, it did not delete my data..but don't count on that!!!
Anyway if you have multiple boot options and you want to remove any of them: Boot using the OS you want to remove, and use Control Panel to "Unistall Windows"..
Good Luck..
21 years ago

Originally posted by Cristian Cardenas:
but a friend of mine told me that it's not a good practice.

Did your freind tell you why it's not a good practice?