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Recent posts by Alexander Caleb

Hi, so today I passed the IZO-808 exam with an 88%!!! I was expecting a much lower score going into the exam as my Enthuware test average was around a 76, but as a lot of people had already said the actual exam is MUCH easier than the Enthuware tests. I used an IDE (Eclipse) to prepare for the exam. I know that a lot of people said that people should stay away from them when studying for the OCA, but as you can see there was no harm done with using one. I feel like they save a lot more time as you can just press Run instead of doing javac/java every time, but I guess every person has their own way of studying. I really recommend buying the Enthuware tests as they were of great help and some questions were REALLY similar to the Enthuware ones. I also used the OCA Study Guide Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff. I would really recommend this book to anyone as it explains every topic perfectly.

Good luck to future test-takers. Do not stress about it too much!

2 years ago
Passed with an 88%!!! Thanks y'all

So for the exam, I know that if line number for the code starts at 1 and there is something in that code that requires an import statement is missing, I should assume the code does not compile and that if the code doesn't start at line 1, then I shouldnt worry about them. But what if there are no lines in the code? Should I assume the code does not compile?
Came across this question while taking the wiley test. I am pretty sure my answer is correct, but can someone double check?

Link to question:
Hi, so is my understanding about exceptions correct? So if a catch block and a finally block both throw a new Exception (Checked or unchecked), the exception in the finally block will be the one that is thrown.

I haven't taken the Sybex Practice Tests yet. I'll probably take them in the upcoming days. Are Sybex tests easier than Enthuware? Just took Tests 6 and 7 from Enthuware and got 74 on both of them. Hopefully I will pass the real exam.
Hey guys,

So I have scheduled to take my cert next Friday and have already taken the first 5 Enthuware tests ( I'm planning to take the remaining ones as well).
These are my scores:

Test 1: 69%
Test 2: 74%
Test 3: 71%
Test 4: 83%
Test 5: 76%

I'm a first year college student who just took one semester of an introductory Java class so some of this stuff was new to me. Anyways, do you guys think I'm ready or should i reschedule my test?

Ah okay that makes sense. Thanks!
Hi, I currently took a practice test from testbanks.wiley site and there's this one question that kind of confused me.
Here's the code:
What is the result of the following code?
public class Cardinal {
static int number;
Cardinal() { number++; }
public static void main(String[] args) {
Cardinal c1 = new Cardinal();
if (c1 == null) {
Cardinal c2 = new Cardinal();
} else {
Cardinal c2 = new Cardinal();
Cardinal c2 = new Cardinal();
} }

I'm confused that since c1 does not equal null, then another Cardinal object with reference variable c2 will be created. This part makes sense. But then after the if/else statements, won't another Cardinal object with c2 reference variable be created? Why does this compile because isn't this a case of a duplicate variable?
Hi. I am currently reading Jeanne Boyarsky's OCA SE8 book and I just have a quick question about auto boxing in method parameters. So, at the bottom of page 195 to the top of page 196, there is an example that shows that play(4) can not compile because it "cannot handle converting in two steps to a long and then to a Long". I'm kind of confused by this because it says that it will be happy to convert the int 4 to a long or an Integer. So if it can convert it to an Integer, why can't it convert it to a Long?

Here is the code:

Hi so kind of a silly question, but are we allowed to use Paper and pencil on the OCA exam?