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Recent posts by Adrian Grabowski

I'm persisting some data using Hibernate and I'm not sure if that's the correct way of doing things. I have a class called SensorDataObject, one of the fields is of type LocalDateTime. When it's saved in mysql its type is DATETIME which I assume is correct.
Now when I wrote code to retrieve data my IDE (Intelij) marks it as an error but the code compiles and seems to be working fine:

Intelij complains about "sdo.localDateTime" and says: "Type mismatch: number, date or string expected."

Am I doing something wrong or is Intelij just confused?

You are prefixing all variables with "p", why? You just make your code harder to read. Also, you can make your fields private.

What are the Fechalong and Fechasegundos for? Are you trying to get the timestamp from the date or something similar?

1 day ago
First I would check contents of this jar file:

and check the manifest file as well
1 week ago
When you login through this url do you see your book there?

wayne brandon wrote: where would you suggest i start?

I'm not sure as everyone's path is different, in my case I'm always wondering if I'm learning useful things of I'm progressing fast enough but I as a rule of thumb: if I look at my code from few months ago and think "what an idiot wrote it this way" then I assume I'm making a progress
2 weeks ago
Have a look at SparkJava framework. It's very basic and easy to learn comparing to Spring, it also works nicely with templating engines (like Thymeleaf or Handlebars).
I didn't mean to sound harsh, maybe "rubbish" isn't the best word here but I would assume that basic Java course would explain difference between package and class and some basics of generics. I assume it was one of the courses that get you from zero to hero in a shortest amount of time possible and they cover a lot of topics so you can write something useful but they don't go deep enough. It's good as it keeps things interesting but the downside is that you might end up with some gaps in your knowledge. Apologies if I have offended you.
2 weeks ago
In my opinion you don't have a problem with reading javadocs, you have a problem with understanding basics of Java and OOP, it's not your fault, I guess this 6 months course was rubbish. I suggest starting from scratch using different course or a book.
2 weeks ago
I haven't seen any good OCA/OCP course, you might need to pick and mix a bit to cover exam topics.

Whizlabs have courses for OCA/OCP but they are quite rubbish, I wouldn't recommend them.

There is a free Java basics course on cave of programming by John Purcell but it's bit outdated, you would need to learn about lambdas and new Date API from other sources to cover OCA topics.

If you have some money to spend both teamtreehouse and pluralsight have nice courses, they are worth the money if have some free time for studying, if you only have few hours per week then it makes less sense.
I don't know what is but if you want an ArrayList of Strings you would declare it as:

2 weeks ago
show us how you declare your ArrayList and the import statements just in case
2 weeks ago
This should be helpful:

If an interface declares an abstract method overriding one of the public methods of java.lang.Object, that also does not count toward the interface's abstract method count since any implementation of the interface will have an implementation from java.lang.Object or elsewhere.

2 weeks ago

Frank Carver wrote:Am I to assume that you don't typically get any other sort of "grades" for a degree in the USA?  
Over here we can get several grades of batchelor degree: pass (the default), third-class honours (usually just mentioned as "honours" or "hons"), lower second class honours ("2.2" or "2.ii"), upper second class honours ("2.1" or "2.i"), and first class honours ("1st").
As you may see on my own resum� I graduated with a lower second class honours degree.  It still irks me a little when I see jobs advertised asking for a 2.1 or 1st    
Is it just the regular degree and "magna cum laude" where you studied ?

Does the degree classification still matter when you have so much experience? You were a professional programmer when I wasn't born yet!
3 weeks ago
I'm the same, hate taking notes so I feel your pain but... often by not taking notes we make it harder for ourselves and double the amount of work we need to put into learning something. So it's better to learn this skill sooner rather than later. That said, for OCA you don't really need notes, instead keep your IDE open and type in any non-trivial code, see how it works, come up with your own ideas to check if you understand given topic. And obviously try some tests from whizlabs or sybex to check your knowledge before spending another €200 for the exam.