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since Jun 22, 2018
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Recent posts by Adrian Grabowski

Campbell Ritchie wrote:
There are government websites etc., which the punters have to get to work because there isn't a competitor's website to go to.

That's what the government wants us to believe but there are competitors and they will try to use this opportunity to get a slice of the cake I think...

Anyway, did you see the website of Seaborne Freight which the government signed the contract with some time ago? It looked like it was made by somebody who learned a bit of HTML in the 90s, it was just a static page but it looked like you could log in there with username and password but it was just an embedded jpeg instead of real text fields, and the terms and conditions were copied from some fast-food delivery company
4 weeks ago

Phil Merson wrote:Everywhere I read about this, there it was basically said that primitives have Call by value and objects have call by reference.

Basically, it's not correct, I don't know why so many tutorials get it wrong. It's always call-by-value as you have observed.
1 month ago
Your method doesn't do anything. Also, the variable "center" (line 4) is not used.
1 month ago
Is it a command-line app? How do you print out the text? Try System.out.format
1 month ago
We cannot see the exercise without creating an account, could you post it here so we can see?
2 months ago
It's a bit too easy with the hint
2 months ago
I'm sure that somebody will help if you ask a question. Including all relevant code will also help.
2 months ago
If you are on Mac you can use QuickTime to record screen and I think there is a way to do it from the command line, I'm sure that similar solutions exist for Windows too.
2 months ago
Follow the code, use pen and paper to write down the value of x so you don't get confused and you will understand it. Alternatively, copy it (exactly as it is in the book - System.print.out will not compile) and use a debugger.
2 months ago
B&S book is great but not enough if you don't have any experience; google OOP with Java course, choose the one that has some assignments to do, once you finish then come back to the book. The scope of the OCA exam is quite small but it's easy to fail if you are not careful. Regarding loops and labels, I really hope that nobody writes code like this in the real world, it reminds me of FORTRAN... Anyway, what I always do with questions that take a lot of time, I just skip them and come back to them later.
Amazing! Well done!
3 months ago
Godot looks pretty cool, especially for 2D games, will have to play with it in my spare time.

When it comes to games and making money I think that the best way is to focus on educational games for little kids, I think twice about spending any money on games for myself but when I find something that might be useful for teaching my little rascal reading or maths I don't care how much it costs. Also, don't neglect Amazon Appstore as Fire tablets don't have access to Play Store so that's a nice niche I think...

3 months ago
The answer looks correct to me, there is nothing else wrong with the code.
3 months ago
For the front-end stuff, in addition to showing your websites here,  I recommend signing up for freeCodeCamp, they have some projects there that you can complete and the forums are very busy, you will get more feedback.

Anand Hariharan wrote:To a beginner to programming, would you really teach exception handling and KeyError in dictionary access, before you teach if statement?

I assume that they were taught "if" statements already and now are moving into more advanced concepts. I might be wrong.
4 months ago