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Recent posts by Robin Maneiro

Congratulations Javid, that is a great achivement! I think you are never going to be overprepared, the important point is to success in the exam
10 months ago
Those results are great. The time you have 1Z0-808 is in fact 150min, but try to be as quick as you can, because in the real exam the things could go worse. For example, in the centre I took the exam there was a lot of noise and was a challenge keep concentrated and be able to answer tough questions.
Yes, you have to go to the bottom of the page, and in the section 'Redeem Your 25% Discount' select your zone and copy the discount code. Then, add the exam to the cart, and in the checkout page, open '(+)Add a promotion code or agreement name' and insert and apply the code. The final amount should be updated.

Evandro Luis Machado wrote:I just can't understand Oracle's PDF that says that an OCA 8  can do directly  Java SE 11 II (1Z0-816)
Page 4

That was my initial plan, is there something i'm missing ?

These are great news since we haven't to take a deprecated exam to take the update later. I am just going to reschedule my exam to the 1Z0-816. Thanks for the info!
Congratulations!! Well done!
Congratulations!! I will take the exam next week. By curiosity, how was your enthuware average ?

Thank you in advance
Hello! I started preparing the exam 1z0-808 two months ago, my experience is about taking que Junior Certification. I have the exam on 7th September, but my Enthuware result aren`t so good. This week I´ll have full-time to study, but I don´t know if it is a good idea take the risk of make the exam with this results...

Foundations: 68
Test 1: 54
Test 2: 71
Test 3: 61
Test 4: 66
Test 5: 59
Hi Jeanne,

As you said in that post, the 1Z0-811 is a mix between theory concepts and practice.

- Theoretical questions about the Java Platform and OOP features

- Practices which includes arrays, if statements and switch sentences  

- Many practice ant theoretical questions about constructors.

- Boolean operators, including instanceof, which is not included in the lessons

- Questions about mutator method, neither included.

- Practices with short-circuit operators.

- Questions about type casting.

- Questions about the main method structure

- Questions which compares preference of general and concrete instantiacion

- Questions about access modifiers

In summary, the main issue of this exam is that isn´t properly mock exams to take it, and is not so easy pass the exam without it or without experience. So you have to take the fundamentals level if you want to pass the exam, which forces you to study a higher level for finally having a Junior-level certification and being not able to promote to a high level exam without pass through the 1Z0-811, so better take this exam at first!  
2 years ago
Hi to everyone! First of all, excuse for my english. I am new in this great forum, who resolve me some doubts before take the exam, thank you all. Yesterday I toke the Java Foundations exam and I passed it with 95%. The exam and the Oracle Academy were free for me, so I took this exam. But I would have preferred to take the 1Z0-808, because the exam level is not so easy as you can think when take the Oracle Academy Tests. In fact, in the exam includes concepts of the next level, which I knew because I read the Jeanne´s book and took some Enthuware tests. Now I am going to prepare the 1Z0-808, so...see you soon! ;)
2 years ago