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Recent posts by xin yi

Randy Tong wrote:
It should be can I contact you via wechat ?

Uh haha
1 year ago
In reality , I use log4j's as output.  Can I concat to you with wechat?  
1 year ago

Tim Moores wrote:Where is that output shown? Somewhere that's actually capable of displaying Unicode?

request.getCharacterEncoding() is UFT-8.
1 year ago

Paul Clapham wrote:
It will work nicely if request.getCharacterEncoding() is UTF-8, in which case it does nothing and you don't need that code. If it isn't UTF-8 then it's going to damage the data as outlined above.

Yes, request.getCharacterEncoding() is UTF-8. In theory it will be well worked, but when file name contains Chinese character, It still turn to ???. I try to many ways , but failed...
1 year ago

on linux , when I use springboot upload a file "这是一个文本.txt",
the output is :  

but on windows is ok, why?
1 year ago
spring data jpa

when I use @Transactional on service's method, it doesn't work.

error: Executing an update/delete query; nested exception is javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: Executing an update/delete query

I have to use @Transactional on dao's method, then it goes well.

2 years ago

Randy Tong wrote:Use POSTMAN to test the POST method. See what response code it returned.

It also doesn't work, I have already try it...

Randy Tong wrote:Have you tried using some API testing tool, eg POSTMAN?

No , server port is ok
For help. the get method worked well ,but post is 401.

POST http://localhost:8080/login/userLogin 401

login:1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'http://localhost:8080/login/userLogin' from origin 'http://localhost:8081' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
The SpringBoot Application

fronter access: error: 401

bakcend java filter is underthere

when I set a breakpoint, not entry the filter class.  The following Filter is not work.
but I use @Component annotation.  

why,  help

3 years ago

Ron McLeod wrote:

Randy Tong wrote:What are the differences between "  " and '  ' ?

Hi, I don't know.. , I only know in Java or JavaScript the different is..

3 years ago

Randy Tong wrote:Tell The Details

Ask for user input, and then sort them.
3 years ago

Randy Tong wrote:I trying to make an app that allow user to sign in/sign up using Google. Is there any available google button so I can use it in my xml layout ?

I don't know APP.. I just learning JavaWeb
3 years ago

Randy Tong wrote:Thanks for the sharing

My pleasure.
3 years ago