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Recent posts by Randy Tong

Try print out videos.getString("url"). What you get?
1 day ago
What you mean by not detected? The tab not showing?
2 weeks ago

masood cmpy wrote:But my problem is after clicking for example on the 2th item,the 10st item also gets selected.Likewise after clicking my 5th item the 3nd item is selected.

How you know the 10th item gets selected when you click on 2th item ? Are they changing the background color to yellow too ?
Check the position value, are the position value printed is same as the position you clicked?
1 month ago

You made a statement that a method should not contain more than five lines (excluding opening and closing brackets) and the title of your book reflects that. Why do you think five lines are enough for a single method?

There a very good explanation in 3.1. Our First Rule, Why Five Lines
Thanks Campbell
1 month ago
The author doesn't answer the question posted here.
1 month ago
I know the promotion was end and I might not eligible to win the book. But I have few questions to ask regarding the three programming languages example in Spark In Action. Feel free to answer.Thanks.
Hi Jean-Georges Perrin,

As the book said, it cover three programming languages, which are Java, Scala and Python.

From your experience,  what should be considered when choosing a language for Spark ? Does they have pros and cons of each ?

Congrats on the new book !

When a variable of custom type is declared using the new operator, it is now termed as instance.
2 months ago
Change height of constraint layout to match_parent and see.
2 months ago