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It known as method reference operator, where it syntax looked like
3 days ago

Hari Nagarjuna wrote:What is happening in System. out. println()??

dot(s) used to separate class name, field and method.

In this case, out is a class variable of type PrintStream which declared in the System class, while println methods is in class PrintStream.

So we need to use System.out.println to print something out in console.

4 days ago
As Paul mentioned, you have error which caused Invalid float: "20.0dip. Are you using it somewhere else?
5 days ago
Hi Jeanne,

I have received the ebook from Mark Power.

5 days ago
Please post your xml code
5 days ago
Post relevant code and the errors here.
6 days ago
What language are you using ? A linux command or?
1 week ago
Maybe try add the try/catch around your code.
1 week ago
Check the url. Did it goes to /allStudents ?
1 week ago

Pedro Sosa wrote:No BubbleDraw2 is the name of the project!
can you help me?

Replace to this
1 week ago
Why is Bubbledraw2? You have a class named Bubbledraw2?
1 week ago
When this two appearing on editText? When you long pressed the editText?
1 week ago
You need to have MainActivity class, which inflate with main_activity.xml.

Inside main_activity.xml, add the image view , where the tag is the image view class name, with package name.

1 week ago
Thanks! I will reading it cover by cover 😍