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Recent posts by Randy Tong

Welcome to Ranch, Alex Soto Bueno & Jason Porter
2 weeks ago
Intent not working after applied Lock Task Mode.

Before that, bluetooth setting able to open, but after screen locked, it only display "efefef", it did not open bluetooth setting.
3 weeks ago
Our app have connected a Bluetooth media device. We place this code in onCreate, but why the size returning empty?
We did add all the Bluetooth permission.

3 weeks ago
Congratulations on your new book
Congrats on your new book, Rosemary Wang. Your book looks interesting.
4 months ago
thanks Stephan, it looks clear to me now.
5 months ago
I think should be Skaffold instead of Scaffold? Scaffold is a class in Flutter actually.
5 months ago
Hi Ashish Choudhary,

I'm trying to understand the relationship between Kubernetes, Skaffold, and Spring-Boot.

From my understanding, Skaffold is a great tool for microservices development. It helps us build, push, and deploy steps for Kubernetes applications.
In the book description, you also mentioned that we will learn how to deploy Spring Boot apps to cloud platforms using Skaffold.

My question is, what is the relationship between Kubernetes and Spring-Boot?  Seems like both of them can be used to build applications?


5 months ago
I have forwarded those emails to book promo account. Thanks.
5 months ago
Welcome Ashish Choudhary, congratulations on your new book.
5 months ago
Congrats to all the winners!

Tim Holloway wrote:Thanks, but in my case it would be cheating someone more deserving, so if you could pass my copy to the next eligible person, that would be good.

So who will be the next lucky winner? :P
5 months ago