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Recent posts by Randy Tong

You want scroll relative layout to top?
1 hour ago
Where is your setAdapter() ?
4 days ago
You're not calling sumbetween method.
1 week ago
that's why I like dogs more than cats
3 weeks ago
You can use ConstraintLayout.
3 weeks ago
I have below code where date is instance of Date

This is how I initialize date

The output is always "it is null". But why after I change to below code, it become not null?

3 weeks ago
Where you set your Buttons ? Is it in LinearLayout ?
1 month ago
Once the pdf file done created, what the user will do next? Will it has a submit button for user to submit to firebase?
1 month ago
How you create the pdf file? How you know the pdf file is done created? Maybe you can store pdf file locally, then get the path and send to firebase ?  
1 month ago
What you mean by automatic?
1 month ago