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Recent posts by Noel Joseph

I agree but the doubt I have is that I'm using embedded tomcat and that generates no such file. I could change it though in the actual tomcat setup that I have. Would that be of any help?
2 years ago
Quick update, changing the name of the package didn't help.
Could you please help me out with the logging.
2 years ago
I didn't know package naming would have an effect on the program  I will try renaming it.
Also I am new to tomcat I have absolutely no clue on how to get the logs. If you could guide me on how to do that it would be really helpful.
2 years ago
Hey guys I've posted about this error before but with no responses.
So the thing is that i get this error when I've converted my application into a java web start file and deploy it. There were no errors when i ran it on eclipse. A tomcat server launched as expected with no errors or warnings.
I am a little confused as to which child container this is.
My error log from java web start is..

It would be really helpful if I could get a solution to this.
I am using Eclipse photon with built in maven and tomcat 8.5.5(embedded that is).
I am not making use of a web.xml file.

Also i fixed this error temporarily when i changed to tomcat 9.0.10 but only to get stuck at the creating SecureRandom instance. Thus i had to revert back to tomcat 8.5.5 to  face the above issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

2 years ago
I was facing the same problem. I changed to embedded tomcat 8.5.23
Thank you so much buddy.  I wonder whats the problem with 9.0.10 though?
2 years ago
I solved the error. I used embedded tomcat 9.0.10 and used all the dependencies of the same version so it got fixed.
I wonder whats wrong with the older versions? Or was it some thing I did? i really don't know but this fixed the issue so YEAH!!!
2 years ago
Hey guys!

I'm trying to run an embedded tomcat application via java web start.
The Application runs fine on eclipse but causes problems when launches as a web start file.
This is the error I am facing now.

Kindly do help me out!

This is error log...
2 years ago
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.catalina.Context.addLifecycleListener(Lorg/apache/catalina/LifecycleListener;)V

Hey guys!

I keep getting this error whenever I launch my java web start application.
The application embeds tomcat.  The code works perfectly on Eclipse but gives problems when used as a java web start.
Kindly do tell me where I'm going wrong!
2 years ago