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Recent posts by Vihaan Reddy

Yes after your replies, I am filled with confusion not sure how to proceed. Start up companies are really challenging and headache i think.
This is the understanding document i made from one of the customer requirements documents i had. Am I correct in the understanding?
Sorry interview coming up in two days, request to please help me in these questions

1. Difference between System requirements specification and Software requirements specification document?

I browsed the net i found this as the correct which i can explain clearly. Is this the correct explanation?

"If the system under design contains multiple components, you will likely have a System Requirements Specification. The system would be decomposed and each piece would have a requirements specification. A software component to the system would have a Software Requirements Specification. Of course, if your system is only software, then you may only have a Software Requirements Specification."

I will get the Requirements Specification from the customer from that i have to create the System Requirement specification. Whether this System requirement specification will be for the customer or the developer? Do i need to create two different documents?

2. What is Control system requirement document, Control software architecture?
3. Application level SW element requirement document , Application level SW architecture?
4. Low level/Base SW element requirement document, Low level/Base SW architecture?
5. Hardware design description document? Will it come under the software domain or hardware domain? What it should contain?

This is basically based on micro controllers in automotive domain and it has so many standards like AUTOSAR etc.

Please help.
1 year ago
Thank you very much for the replies. I will post a clear diagram of the process i am following and the corresponding documents in some time from now. Request to please provide feedback on the same.
Thank you for the reply. Right now i am establishing the software process for my company which is a kind of start up. I am basically working on embedded products which involves micro controllers, where i can look for the release process documents or the complete life cycle documents. Please advise.
I want to know if i am releasing the software what are the mandatory documents i should also be releasing like Test plan etc.  Can i get a list of all docs.