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Try to rephrase each line in plain English, see if it helps!
Type it and we'll see
Been there,done that...
For me the best way to get started again was to review the book "Java 2 Exam Prep, Exam: 310-025" (I have the first edition).Or better yet: start with its "cram sheet" and see how much you actually remember. Then you'll have a sense what you need to do next
I would NOT recommend this book to anyone trying to learn Java - one of the worst I ever encountered. College students don't have a choice. We do.
BTW - check Customer Reviews at Amazon before bying it!
19 years ago

Angela, what browser you are using?
If it's Netscape, just type "javascript:" next to "Location:" sign(where you are entering URLs)and press "enter". You will see so-called Javascript console window, and it will show the exact source of your error. Try it.

But read() is abstract. That means when you say System.in.read() you are calling a abstract method. Why does read method still work.

What I meant was - you don't use method read() from a superclass, but an implementation of this method, because System.in is a predefined object of a subclass of InputSream which allows you to read info from a keyboard.
(Maha as usual gave already very detailed answer!)
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You mean -when you are on your particular page?
1. Though it is not possible to instansiate objects of abstract classes (as InputStream), it is possible to define class variables ("in"), which reference these abstract classes. This makes static(class) methods of the abstract class available.
2. Method read() is not abstract in our case.

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Did you try to use form.reset() method for your img events?
guys, search this site - there was once discussion on these questions.
And btw - answer a) is not correct.
b),c) and e) should be.
Maha,sure neither of us makes up this stuff! I referred to "Just Java" and "Core Java" - in both there are references to "true" as opposed to "limited" polymorphism. As long as we all know what we are talking about...
psethura, before somebody else starts analyzing your code , could you first try to tell us (and yourself) STEP BY STEP what you are trying to do here. You may as well find the right answer.
This is what I usually ask my students to do... it works!

polymorphism and overriding always go together.

Maha, I'm playing devil's advocate again :
Both overloading and overriding are considered to be examples of polymorphism:
1. Overloading sometimes is called shallow kind,resolved by the compiler
2. Overriding is a deep (or true) polymorphism , resolved at runtime...
I wish I had more time now to visit this site more often, it's a joy and a challenge!
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Maha, I could not find description of ex.500 so far either. Sylvan's 025 is the Sun's No 310-025. Will try to call Sylvan tomorrow and ask.
There are two Java 2 platform programmer exams listed at Sylvan site: 025 & 500. I found only 025 at Sun's. Any info ??

Sure it is an error?

Logically, it is not.
Any argument raised to the power of 0 is supposed to return 1...