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sirine infowiste

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Recent posts by sirine infowiste

Yes, this is exactly what I mean it.
Now, for the username/password I tried more than one, and I tested it with the correct ones, and always I'm redirected to my error page. (As I said before, I created  in the Security-> realms-> files in the admin console a user ; id=admin, password=0000, group-list=appadmin. When testing, I entreded admin and 0000 but I got the error)
Is there any way to know the origin of this failure?
I tried with glassfish 4.1.1 and glassfish 5 but I got the same problem.
2 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:What does the "error page" look like, then? Also, have you checked the server logs?

I'm redirected to the error page that I created (it is named login_error.jsp)

And for logs, the log folder is empty ! o_O'
2 years ago
Sorry! I was wrong!
The admin.jsp file was under admin folder in web pages folder

There is no 404 error
2 years ago
Thanks Tim for helping me.

In fact, I'm trying to attend the admin welcome file, it is located under admin folder (WEB-INF/admin/admin.jsp) and, when running the application, I got this url
with the login form.
After submitting the correct login/password I got the error page with this url
I tested so many times different users with group-name = "appadmin" by creating them in realms/file, but always I'm having the same error.

Is there any way to know the cause of this problem?
2 years ago
i'm trying to code a login page in a JEE application on netbeans. So I create: login.jsp, login_error.jsp and admin/admin.jsp pages.




I made the necessary configurations in the deployment file **web.xml**

and also, in **glassfish-web.xml**

In the admin console (relative to glassfish5), i create a new user in security->realms->file with the name="admin", password="0000" and user group="appadmin".
The problem is, when I'm trying to test the application, I keep having the error page every time I enter a correct username/password or a wrong username/password.
Can anybody help me to solve this problem please?
2 years ago