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Recent posts by Joseph Michael

We need fractions..Now the question is to go with Decimal or Double

I will be having an amount column which will have decimal values. We would be doing various calculation and sum, total, fractions etc.,

What would be the best column which can be defined so that we don't end up with any precision issues or rounding issues or missing amount?

Database: MySQL

Option#1 - Decimal(5,2)
Option#2 - Double
Option #3 - Decimal(60,30)
Option #4 - Float

Some suggests go for Decimal and Some says go for Double as Decimal will be an issue on dealing with precisions or chance of missing a minor amount when dealing with millions of transactions

Assume Millions of transactions would be summed, division would be done etc.,

Which would be the best one to go?

Knute Snortum, i saw you have removed the code given by Andrian. Although the user may provide a code from his side. we shouldn't stop anothers in posting the code and helping them out. Please re-think.
3 years ago
Yes, Carey Brown...Want to do the exact logic in java...Want to convert it to java and display the values in text box with any Standalone UI - swing
3 years ago
Any reference or example would be helpful?
3 years ago
Is it possible for you to explain the javascript??? Is it possible for you to conver the javascript to java with standalone program ?
3 years ago

I have scanned booked images...I want to cut vertically many times...
Sometimes i want to cut it horizontally.

I'm looking for a standalone java  jar to do this

Can someonehelp help me with a program?

3 years ago
Option #1 - yes, Both sides of the Paper
Option #2 - No, single side of the Paper

Looking for a standalone swing program UI to accept input in text box and print the values like in the web...
3 years ago

I'm using the following web-sites for page order calculation  

Can someone help me with a sample java program to achieve via Java ?

Basically i will feed the number of pages in the book, it has to give me the booklet page order.......

3 years ago
Kunte, sure will do that in the future. Please let me know your comments on the latest update.

Case1: Keep Latest i.e Highest Id

Remove all of the duplicates and removing duplicate keep the highest. Ouput is 1, 2, 4 id will be retained and 3 duplicate will be deleted.

Case2: Keep Oldest i.e Lowest id

Remove all of the duplicates and removing duplicate keep the lowest. Ouput is 1, 2, 3 id will be retained and 4 will be deleted.

Case3: Delete all the duplocates. So output should be 1, 2

Let's assume i have employee table which has the following 4 columns

id (primary key) - auto generated

Assume the following table as input


Assume many duplicate records exist with same name, father name and mother name

Case1: I want to remove all the records except the first inserted record group by name, father name, mother name
Case2: I want to remove all the records except the last inserted record group by name, father name, mother name
Case3: I want to remove all the duplicate records

I'm using mysql. Please advise how to write a delete query for the above 3 cases

Is the following is correct ???

Case1: Keep Latest i.e Highest Id

Case2: Keep Oldest i.e Lowest id


Could someone suggest the best tool/framework for small or medium size or enterprise web application for 2020 - 10 to 1000 users and millions of records

#1 - Best Unit test case framework
#2 - Best NoSQL Database
#3 - Best Relation Database
#4 - Best Synchronous Framework
#5 - Best Asychronous Framework
#6 - Best Front-End Framework (Active Development, Max Support)
#7 - Best Debugging Tool
#8 - Best Performance Tuning Tool
#9 - Best Code Coverage Tool
#10 - Best DB migration tool (ex: flyway)

3 years ago
Hi Tim,

#1 - How to identify whether the voices were on separate audio (stereo) tracks in the existing mp3 file?
#2 - Assume if the audios are in separate tracks, how to easily split and join them?

Thanks in advance
3 years ago