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rahul vishwakarma

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since Dec 14, 2018
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Recent posts by rahul vishwakarma

hi to all, i've  centos 7 in client adn centos6.10 as server for glassfish server. I installed glassfish from glssfish-sdk.
now i created "mydomain" like this :-

changing admin password :-

then i restarted mydomain:-

i tried to login in mydomain as :-
admin as user and password of mydomain but i can't succeeded.
1 month ago
hi to all, i've centos 6 server for mysql and glassfish for java, and centos 7 client for netbeans for java ee 7.
i installed glassfish server in service in netbeans add server section. this is ok but when i started glassfish server from netbeans IDE it shows "Could not start GlassFish server 4.1.1: Administrator port is occupied by null". please tell how to get rid of this.

jova doc for getBinarySteam is :
public abstract InputStream  getBinarySteam(int i);
and  notihing more than that

and table is :-

id primary key Not Null

i tried to get value of b by "JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "b is :  " + b.toString()); "
putting before " byte [] buffer = new byte[b.available()];"
and now this line is throwing exception. So i think b is null at that line. So please tell me how to  "retrieve image from mysql table and show in jlabel in java."
stacktrace is :
this exceptin shows after line byte [] buffer = new byte[b.available()];
I want to download image from mysql table ( tableUser(id, image) ) and to show in jlabel in java gui application.
mine code is :-

but it shows exception : inside retrieve : java.lang.NullPointerException

please tell me how to load image in jlabel
i am building a small project.  And stuck in error "message from server "too many connections"." returned by mysql server when i tried to run my application. But it is connecting fine when I tried to connect fro my client to mysql server using following command :-
and passing an appropriate password. how to get rid of this "error "too many connections".
2 months ago
hi to all, i've centos 7 in VM, I am trying to upload image in jtable. mine code is :-

problem is that in jtable  image is not showing. how to get rid of this.
2 months ago
thanks a lot, you solved my problem
yes that error is occurring at run time. and when i ran it in command line no error generated in CLI. and having this error: -

I've centos 7 and mysql server in two VM's as server and client. I have to add contact in mysql table (tableMyContacts(Id, Fname, Lname, Group, MobileNo, Email, Address, Image,  Userid  ))
but having error in sql syntax that i am getting. please tell me how to get rid of this.

here is function that  is accessing above funciotn
i solved this error like this :-
hi to all, I've centos7 and netbeans in VM client and centos 7 mysql server. I want to upload blob image file and read from mysql database. i am trying like this :-

question is  is how to upload and how to download from mysql database blob files.