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Recent posts by Andrey Dmitriev

I realised reading a file into bytes-array with next writing this array to file in another directory by the following approach:

And this code done well - in target directory appear new file with the relevant content (for example: "abcd").

Further I tried to improve my approach through ApacheCommons abilities.

But this approach entails the problem: in target directory the new file appeals, but this written content is irrelevant. Besides the written text (for example: "abcd") it contains some unreadable unencoded symbols, and I see the warning about problem with encoding.

I suppose this problem is related to the fact, that some excess bytes read and/or write to OutpumStream. And this problem (probably) arise due to the fact I don't restrict read and write-operations, applying IOUtils (second approach).

And in first approach I restrict the write of byte-array in OutputStream by size of length-variable:

If problem in that I must have a way to restrict the write by tools of AppacheCommons.
But I don't see any way to do so in IOUtils-methods.
9 months ago
I'm trying to test service-class of reactive mongoDB application, created on SpringBoot.

I don't use embedded mongodb! I'm only trying to mock repository

This is reactive mongo repository:

Repository, which should use it:

And test class:

Main configuration:

May be It doesn't matter is that case, but test-configurations is:

And, after running test, I receive the following exception:

caused by:

What am I doing wrong?
10 months ago

  I have 2 entities:


  And data from B successfully persists in table A. So, one table for 2 entities - A and B.

  I created third entity - C.

  I want data from C to persisted in separate table - C.  
  So, finally -  one table A for A/B entities,  and one more table for C.
  In this case 2 strategies are mixed: SINGLE_TABLE  and  TABLE_PER_CLASS

  For this purpose i applied to B annotation @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)


 But without success - data from C persisted in single table A.   So SINGLE_TABLE  is working only


   Thank you! It s a foolishness, but I mixed up Apache Maven and Apache Tomcat
1 year ago
What is the valid tomcat directory in Windows?

I tried to configure apache-maven in Idea in C:\Program Files

But receive: "The selected directory is not a valid tomcat home"
1 year ago
WildFly 14.0.1:

I enter "" in browser succesfully.

But when when I enter "", I receive "Cannot access to site".

Trying to run WildFly I receive following exceptions:

Also I see, that it does not have data-directory and logs.

jBoss is installed, but i cant run it too due to the above reason.

jdk-8 is installed in the same root-directory: C:\Program Files
1 year ago
  I'm still "anchored"....
1 year ago

 I have the following maven-dependency:


And try to use it by spring-xml-configuration:

SDK is 11.0.6.

I tried:
1. Rebuild project.

2. Invalidate Caches/Restart

3. Maven Clean/Install.  But Install failed by the reason of:

     Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.8.1:compile (default-compile) on project user_service: Fatal error compiling

Help me, please!!!  I almost a day battle with this problem

1 year ago
    I have found the solution:

   I add separate controller:


And conroller for the root-mappring:

new spring-config:

Besides I remain @RestController.  

So this solution cost for my project architecture-sophistication...
1 year ago
Hibernate properties are represent as:

Postgres-driver is 42.2.10
Spring Data JPA

In general hybernate working well: it provides all CRUD-operations.

But if try to update my Entity (for example, by adding new field), assigned table in database is not changing.

    I add to spring-mvc.xml the following:


   and controller:

directory: test/webapp/access_approved.html.

It redirects me on http://localhost:8080/test/access_approved.    But with the same 404-error.

I tried "forward:access_approved"
But it forwards me on http://localhost:8080/test/
1 year ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:I mean, what is the literal file name of the built WAR, including the .war extension?

1 year ago