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Recent posts by Arthur Harkivsky

How to exclude DS and JPA autoconfig in JUnit for Spring 2+?

Current anotation based "solution" does not work.

I want to do this to decrease time of testing pipeline.

4 years ago
Maybe, statement caching was inside sql db, but not on java side.

Ghostly described mongo aggregation of 2 collections with 1-2 records wasted 200 ms(!) on core i7 9750H using local mongo.
4 years ago
Hello! Mongo aggregation using Spring of 2 collections 2 times slower than 9(!) separate JDBC pooled calls
I have not this sample rigth now.
But both measurements where on collections/tables with 1-2 rows on same machine with local DBs.
Is it possible to speed up mongo?
Give samples, please.
4 years ago
Could anybody provide Morphia example of aggregation for three tables?
4 years ago

How to setup JS server and Spring boot app inside?
Js server port = 5555, Spring app = 8888.
I have a domain name:
aws public ip yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
aws public dns zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I need to set for js app
and for java app.


What should I place in route 53?
I have only new hosted zone for now.
4 years ago
How to keep up to date master in B remote if it differs from A only with build files in each module?

I tried to use two remotes and one with two URLs.

So we have remotes

Difference between them

OR (!) Remotes

URLs for this one remote

Branches for both "OR (!)" cases

Please, provide, full and tested git steps, this will help to me and other developers.

4 years ago
JIRA plugin*
5 years ago
How to solve this?
Removing of / prefix did not helped.
Plugin loaded without errors.
REST works.
5 years ago
fixed lombok version, but error is same.

thank you 1000 times for any help!
5 years ago
0. How to fix this error?
1. Should I place all dependencies to Import-Package? Only packages, used in my code from this libs
or root packages of dependencies?
2. If last, how to define root packages, should I manually open jar to see it?
Because from errors I see that Import-Package does not corresponds to groupId.
3. Do we have only maven way to build the plugin?
4. Why plugin requires additional oracle dependencies, when other java
apps need only jdbc driver?
Such great JIRA for users, but development of plugins is a hell for me (and other developers, I read).
I spent several nights without any pogress and there are no practical examples with dependencies- just fictional 'my-lib*'.

additional thank you for
1. postgres,
2. mysql and
3. mssql

instructions, if they includes more than one libraries for each case
4. in addition to mentioned oracle.

sqldrivers described only for JIRA server setup in docs.

please, check pastebin
5 years ago