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Recent posts by Douglas Kent

I need to get the first x number of nodes in a list. The list looks like: <root><Files>file1</Files><Files>file2</Files>....</root>
How to create the predicate so that I can get just the first x number of nodes in a list? I've tried [position()<=10] where 10 is the number of nodes desired.
So if you find an element using some search, add an element to that element, the document is updated, because the element is passed back by reference, correct?
OK, and what would that variable hold?
I'm using dom4j to construct an XML document from a series of records. I need to be able to start searching the document at a particular place as I'm loading in the various elements. Once found, I need to be able to create a new element at that location. I've set up a series of records like so:
ELEMENT TEXT "Miles Copperthwaith" "I Am Born"

The algorithm:
Starting from an empty document, create the root element.
Set the context at the root
Cycle thru the elements, searching for the element starting at the current context.
If not found, create the element AT THAT POINT IN THE CONTEXT.
If found, set the context to that element and look for the next element, unless you are at the last element, in which case
you create the element at that point, the current context, and add the text.

It's simple, but you get the idea. How to set the current context, and create an element at the right place, using the current context?
We are using the programmatic configuration you see in the code snippet - no config file...
We are using log4j to log our TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW) application--the logging code runs under the control of the BW. We get stray messages from time to time from the run-time of the BW. Here is the constructor for the logger: -

My question is: will changing the name of the logger potentially fix this? Setting up the additivity to false will prevent our logger from writing to the BW runtime logs, but how to prevent the opposite?

thanks in advance...
My suggestion would be check the date format in the creation of the DailyRollingFileAppender, as in: new DailyRollingFileAppender(pl, LogFile_PathAndName, "'_'yyMMdd'.log
Now finding the target: new code However,
not finding all the attributes. Using an LDAP browser, can see the email attribute of the target, but not able to get it from the program. See code
The email attribute is there, but it does not show up in the log.
14 years ago
I tried creating a SearchControls object:

Still not finding the target. Is the fact that the search target is a partial CN a factor?
14 years ago
I need to do a fairly simple search in a directory using

What I need to search is structured like this:
cn=<name>+uid=12345, ou=People, ou=Bureau of the Public Debt, ou=Department of the Treasury,o=U.S. Government,c=US

The code always returns "Not found" when executed for a uid known to be present. My question is, can the search be set to recursively descend or must I create a subcontext directly above the cn? Part of the problem is that I need to do a Department-wide search and do not know the bureau necessarily.
14 years ago
Having difficutlies with getting my FedEx XML subscription request program to get back with the desired result. I keep getting "POST operation not allowed". Has anyone been able to do this? I'm thinking it's a matter of getting the right headers in the HTTP request. I am using HTTPS - no problems there. Here's a code fragment:

[ UD: inserted line breaks into XML to keep readable w/o scrolling ]
[ July 19, 2007: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
15 years ago
I found the reference - not hte spec itself, but a description - here:
J Marshall
Seems the author finds some wiggle room...

I have been having problems communicating with FedEx XML Tracking service. Do you have any experience with FedEx?
15 years ago
Thanks much. Removing the DOCTYPE declarations did the trick. I read in the HTTP standard that servers are required to accept just a \n, so went with that, working now.
15 years ago
Hello Ulf - yes, the XML got filtered out: here's my XML being submitted:

Thanks in advance for the assist!
15 years ago
I had read a previous post earlier this year where someone was starting way back from where I am currently. Ulf Dittmer, moderator at the time, seemed to have quite a bit of knowledge of the topic....
15 years ago