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Recent posts by Joe Farmer

A library has a large collection of books organized in different rooms, rows and book-shelves that are all
The local librarian is working on an application in which he can register the books and make inventory lists
for a given room, row, or book-shelf. Also, it must be possible to locate a given book by its ISBN number.

Task is to:
- Create an object model that represents the necessary entities.
- Establish a small set of test data.
- Add necessary object collections to enable efficient creation of the inventory lists and locating
- Create objects and populate collections with the test data. Insertion speed of new books is not relevant.
- Establish a set of test cases that verifies the solution against the test data.

How do i create an object model an establish a small set of test data? and establish a set of test cases ?
can someone help me with this?  
Design a set of types that represent the items that can be borrowed at a library.
This library offers books, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Some items can be downloaded as e-books, audio or
video files.
All items share a title and an ISBN. Books have an author and a number of pages. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray
discs can hold multiple tracks of audio or video, each having a separate title and artist as well as a duration.
Task is to design a set of types that can be used to retrieve the information mentioned above
representing these various kinds of items. Please use constructs such as inheritance, interfaces and virtual
methods as you deem appropriate. You do not need to code the implementation of any methods and you
also do not need to deal with the different file formats for downloading. Diagrams are appreciated.

How do i design?  and using what tool?  and what do i have to design?