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Recent posts by Sujatha Kalluri

I am getting same problem as

[Fatal Error] file:tablestyle-darkblue.css:1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.
ERROR: 'Content is not allowed in prolog.'
FATAL ERROR: 'Could not compile stylesheet'
javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Could not compile stylesheet

My xslt file has first two lines as

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="tablestyle-darkblue.css" type="text/css" ?>

what could be the problem, can anybody help

11 years ago
We upgraded from poi 2.5 to 3.7 version and upgraded MSoffice 2003 version to 2007 version.

I tweaked the code to change the usermodel to ss usermodel so that both .xls and .xlsm(macro enabled 2007 workbook) files can be opened by my application.

when I run the application to open .xlsm file from application, I got error,

"Excel found unreadable content in xyztemplate.xlsm. Do you want to recover the contents of workboodk? If you trust the source of this workbook , click yes"I clicked yes then I got message,

"Excel was unable to open the file by repairing or removing the unreadable content.
Removed records: Merge cells from /sl.worksheets/sheet1.xml"
My excel file opened has macros in it and when it got opened, some content is misplaced and some content missing( also I think some macros are not giving expected result)

could any one help where would be the problem?


Gregg Bolinger wrote:Try changing "XML" to "xml".

I changed it to 'XML' then suprisingly worked in firefox browser but not in IE to fix in IE then.
anybody can help me?

My servlet is returning the xml response( I set the content type as text/xml) but my javascript is not able to read the response, I am using Jquery and Ajax.

My servlet code is like this

My Javascript code is

I am not able to fetch the xml elements in the javascript, for example I tried to read "Grad" element in the above example. where am I going wrong.


David Newton wrote:I believe (but could be wrong) onchange is specifically for UI events; it wouldn't fire if you populated it via a simple jQuery call, either.

Maybe hook into the widget code, or use onblur?

How do I use the onBlur with calander popup


I have a text field on which I am writing onChange event. The value of text field is getting changed by calander popup by selecting date from calander, but onChange event is not fired unless I manually change the text field, how can we force the event to fire when date is selected by calander popup.

any hints please...??

here is my onchange code

Thank you for your suggestions. I will look for RTE option.


I have a jsp page in which textarea element is popoulated with data from request parameter. I want to make some of the words in the text area bold and italics, how do I apply css to selective words inside textarea. or can I make those words bold , italics in java itself before sending to jsp? I googled it but no solution.

thanks in advance,

I am using Eclipse 3.4.2 with Tomcat 6.0, my project is showing the compilation problems like".... cannot be resolved to a type"
basically the jsp files are not able to resolve the import statements which has reference to src folders. I didn't see this problem in Eclipse 3.2, is it compilation bug in Eclipse 3.4 version, anybody faced it, how to resolve this.

In my case.. it is working since client is on same machine as server, as you said if it doesn't have mapped network drive.. it will not work..

this is working for me when I used escape() function to url before sending to javascript and using unescape(url) in of javascript.

also since backslash is escape character in string literal.. I used java regular expression to replace each backslash to double backslash. then I used escape() to send to javascript.


I have image file path in anchor tag,
on onClick event of anchor i have passed this path to a javascript function like(\\test\images\1.jpg).
but in alert message i am getting (\testimages1.jpg)
I need full path. I can't replace "\" to "\\".
what should i do to get full path?

if is working why canot it work with <a windowname...) <br /> where url is "//shor/images/inputimages/beach.jpg. <br /> <br /> why cant we use file system call in a href. <br /> <br /> Sujatha. rel="nofollow">

to correct my previous thread... the images I am getting are not from webapp folder... but it is some network folder


how do I access network folder in javascript.

if it is not possible can I do it java. my criteria is my new window should not have directories.menubar, toolbar etc.



I have problem in opening the new window in javascript in javascript using, windowname, etc..), the url is broken.

when I click on thumbnail image, I have to show the larger version of image,

my image path goes like this...
a href ="javascript:myPopup("//shor/project/webapp/images/beach.jpg", "somename")>

so... my images are to be fetched from folder, when I am passing them to javascript function

the url when printed in javascript function is not as original one but is coming out as /shorprojectwebappimagesbeach.jpg, path is broken, thus in new window it is telling could not find resource.

how do I get original path in javascript.. if it is not possible with javascript, how do I do in java, I wanted to use javascript instead of directly opening image from because in the new window I dont want to have menu bar, tool bar, directories etc, is it possible to do that in java itself ie opening a new window without having menu bar, tool bar etc. By the way I have set of images that needs to be fetched from folder, so my logic is in for loop , not just one image.

thanks in advance for any help,