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Recent posts by Torben N�rgaard Rasmussen

I was also one of the, apparently, few who did not pass Part 2/3 of the SCEA 5 Beta. I guess the 20 hours that I was able to spend on it during a busy December was too little.

I subsequently emails sun about detailed scores and options for achieveing the certification:
> I am now looking into how to proceed from here to acquire the SCEA5 certification. What are the steps involved?
> Is it possible to purchase a resubmission voucher and resubmit the SCEA5 Beta assignment?
> Will I need to purchase and take the full part 2 and 3 again?
> Will a breakdown of the scores of the SCEA 5 beta become available in order to see the details of what caused the failed attempt? And when?

The answer from Certification Customer Servicecame in yesterday:
> Unfortunately, we do not provide detailed assignment results for the beta exam.
> If you would like to resubmit your assignment, you may purchase the 310-301R assignment resubmission. You do not have to retake either the 310-052 SCEA 5 Part I multiple-choice exam or the 310-062 SCEA 5 Part II essay exam.

So we only have to resubmit the beta exam and it will be regraded. For myself that means that I will have to take a lot of the information which I ONLY provided in the part 3, due to not having had the time to consider all implications of my design before submitting part 2.
I also got my acknowledgement now. Nice to know that the email arrived safely :-)
I sent my assignment on December 7th, and actually asked for a reply on the email as confirmation. I didn't get any, and I just figured that I wouldn't get any confirmation... Hearing that someone actually got such a confirmation scares me a bit.
Have anyone else gotten a confirmation mail from sunbeta??