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Recent posts by nachiket deshpande

Sorry guys..
It's not working why?
I tried
even this does'nt work
Please help..
Thank you very much guys for your fast reply.
Hello Irene & Cindy
You guys can help me with this simple question
<a href="x.html">click here </a>
how to avoid the underline which appears with the text 'click here'
please help...
I am new to HTML can some one tell me how to avoid the underline in the "hyperlink" text?
i.e <a href="*.html">how to remove</a>
"how to remove" has a underline in it how to get rid of it?
please help i am stuck
Thank you Gerry.I have few books on java.
Core java vol I &II and JAVA complete reference by Naughton Schildt.I dont know XML servlets and JSP.Do I need some book for them or web resources are enough?
I will sit and guys are there to help me out.
22 years ago
Thanks Gerry!
some hope...Can you suggest some sites from where I can get some idea for starting it all.Is there any site for java projects for the beginner!!
22 years ago
very sad no help!!
22 years ago
help please!
i am waiting.....
22 years ago
Hi all!
I am also sailing in the same boat.Just java cerification with no experience at all!I would also like to know what small projects one should take to show some programming experience on our resume.
My friend gave me some problems for which programme can be written in VB.Is it worth writing them in JAVA.They are
1.The payroll System-pay slip generation
2.shares accounting
3.debtors ledger
4.air travel
I want your help and suggestions.
22 years ago
Hi everyone!
Is it possible to get back our file from abc.class ?
22 years ago
Hi Vivek
You should get 100% on the rules round up game,before going for the actual exam.because questions in rules round up are much simpler than the real exam.
The basic difference is Low-level I/O Streams read and write data as bytes.While High-level I/O Streams can read and write other information such as int,char,String etc.
For more details check RHE page 449-451.
Hi Christein
Let me try to help you.
objects are known as instances of class.
for example in the following code:
class Box{
Box mybox=new Box();
mybox will be an instance of Box,or a Box object called mybox is created.Each time you create an instance of a class you are creating an object of a class(using new operator).
Also the statement
Box mybox=new Box();
can be written in two steps,
Box mybox;//declares reference to an object,
mybox=new Box();//allocates a Box object

so when I say
StringBuffer test=new StringBuffer("Christein");
an object or instance (named test)of StringBuffer class is created.after
the o/p is
so we are not creating a new instance of the class,only the contents of the object gets modified.
Hope this helps.
Hi Can!
I think calling the method yy()with argument 3L instead of 3 should solve the problem.because you have method yy(long i) in class b,which has long i as a parameter,so in the method call also you should have 3L
hope it helps..
Hi Deepak!
The o/p you see is because of postfix and prefix operators in assignment expressions.
int i=0;
will give you the o/p 0 because i is assigned the value 0 first and then incremented.
but if i do:
int i=0;
my output is 1 and not 0.because i is incremented to 1 without any assignment.
Hope this help.