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Recent posts by Aron Gaspar

I am working as a trainee in a big company, and I've git SQL queries to do. Issue is that the queries we learnt in SQL class were kind of easy compared to three queries I've got to do. user able to remove the computer fron the domain? user able to deactivate (temporarily) the antimalware? user able to modify the registry keys?
These are the three queries I have issue with, since I don't really know yet what columns should i use for these.
Any idea how can I approach this?
2 days ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:The way I see it, if you don't have any experience with programming, you're not going to get a job as a programmer unless it's an entry level job where they are willing to train you directly from the start.

Why not teach yourself some programming in your spare time during the next few semesters?

We have classes in the two mentioned languages, so I have the basics for them.
7 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:What's corporate IT? How does it differ from other CS courses? Don't you have any modules requiring you to program something of any size? Do you have an industrial placement? Why did you choose those two languages? The principles of programming are ot a great extent language‑agnostic.
What sort of things would you be interested in programming?

It is basically a mix of corporate economics and IT. We had classes like networks, Java, C#, MySQL, SAP and SPSS. Basically have basics in stuff but not an expert in neither, but we do program, yes. In my current work I am in the cybersecurity side, but doing mainly administrative work, but i can finish the daily work in 2-3 hours, so free money while i am in university.
I chose the two languages because we are studying these in the university.
7 months ago
I am studying Corporate IT, but I am interested in programming in Java and C#. My current job is really a free money one, only takes like 2-3 hours to finish the daily work, and it's from home.

However I am not programming anything, which really worries me. I will graduate in approx. 2-3 semesters, and I do not want to get a degree with 0 programming experience.

Thanks in advance.
7 months ago
Thanks a lot for the answers.
I have around 1.5-2 years until graduating.
The problem with university offered internships, is that those jobs are not really in my interests.
You see, I am studying economic/business IT, which don't focus neither on business and programming.
However I got a heavy interest in programming, and I would like to focus on it, so I can't really use the usual internship offers in my uni.
That's why I don't know what I need, because originally we are not supposed to learn programming that hard, but I want to.
So far we learned Java and SQL.
Next semester we will learn object oriented programming.
2 years ago
I'm in my second year of university, and I would like to get a partial-time job as soon as possible, as I'm getting old (24).
How do I know if my knowledge is enough for a job? What should I be able to do with the language? (Java)
2 years ago
Makes sense, sorry about that.
It's not the aeroplane one, a bit different, but very similar.
The elevators are moving randomly because it moves to the randomly generated passenger, and then moves to the randomly generated destination.
We did not study objects yet, so I could not make the elevators' own object, so I could only do the floors and directions this way.
2 years ago

So far this is the code. I also made two classes for generating random numbers for destination floor and passenger floor.
However I can not figure out how to use the elevator's position from the previous run.
2 years ago
Reading through what you linked, alright, I will not plan ahead how will I do it until I get there.
However I also have a different code, that has the same problem (I wanted to start this flying one, so I can build it up a bit more clearly).
Should I insert that code here?
2 years ago
I do not have a code just yet, only planning it. It will be about a plane route. The airports are basically numbers from 0-10.
If the plane finishes a route, I want to loop the whole main method again, with a newly generated random destination, however I also want to retain it's position from the previous fly and not reset it.
How can I do it?
2 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:

I did not study it but currently I would like to try it this way as well.
I just don't know how to start it.
2 years ago
(moderator edit: deleted long quote)

Thank you, it finally worked! I spent more time on it than i want to admit lol.
And thank you for the tips, I always looking for ways to improve.
2 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:What you posted is kind of hard to read because of the poor formatting. Here's the properly formatted code. Please do the same in the future:

Thank you, I know it's important to organize it properly.
I will pay attention to it.
2 years ago
So I have this simple elevator program:

In the CallUp and CallDown method, the for loop starts from 0, and not from the position of the elevator.
What did I miss?
Thanks for the helping hand.
2 years ago