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Recent posts by Sherin Mathew

If you have an IDE that supports remote debugging such as NetBeans, Eclipse, PhpStorm or Zend Studio, you'll be able to debug your code on a remote server that has the Xdebug extension enabled. Run code one command at a time, see the values of variables at runtime and much more.

Furthermore, if you enable Xdebug's profiler, you can use a profiling tool in your IDE (or an external one like CacheGrind) to analyze which functions are slowing your application d
1 week ago
You can this way to your graph represent.

4 weeks ago
you can create object with surv function

Surv(time,time2,event type=,origin=0)
1 month ago
NuGet packages contain reusable code that other developers make available to you for use in your projects. Packages are installed into a Visual Studio project using the NuGet Package Manager, the Package Manager Console, or the dotnet CLI. NET or . NET Core project.
2 months ago
In your first case:

It is making the object of the Case class.

In your second case:

It is not instance variable if you making  instance variable you can declare datatype like int, string, double etc.
2 months ago
There is a deprecated source map syntax in a JavaScript source.

JavaScript sources are often combined and minified to make delivering them from the server more efficient. With source maps, the debugger can map the code being executed to the original source files.

The source map specification changed the syntax due to a conflict with IE whenever it was found in the page after //@cc_on was interpreted to turn on conditional compilation in the IE JScript engine. The conditional compilation comment in IE is a little known feature, but it broke source maps with jQuery and other libraries.