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You can use DateRangePicker in angular it will help for your selected dates in the range.
Both Express and Hapi aim to be highly flexible, simple, and extensible. This similarity means that both have easy-to-use APIs, they're highly modular, and can support your application as it grows potentially very large.

The learning curve for these frameworks, since they are quite straightforward, is low, unlike a more opinionated framework like Meteor. If you are coming from using Express you should be able to quickly pick up Hapi, and vice versa.

There are, however, some philosophical differences between the two frameworks, which we'll describe throughout this article.

Hapi.js includes more "batteries" by default than Express does. For instance, when parsing payload from forms to via "POST" requests, with Express, you have to include the body-parser middleware. You then use that to parse the POST payload and use the data from the user. On the other hand, with Hapi, you need no middleware. The payload is parsed for you by the framework itself, and you can access the payload directly on the request object. Little conveniences like that are replete in Hapi.
My guess would be that your python is not pointing at the same python installation (and pip, or however you installed seaborn).

3 years ago