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Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jeanne. I don't think anyone had a doubt that you'd pass the exam. In fact, we are all relying on you and Scott to pass the exam ourselves.  
5 hours ago

Whenever you encounter method chaining, beit in a Stream or elsewhere, it is always a good idea to take a step back and reflect on the code. Walk through it one step at the time. What does each method take as a parameter? What does it return? Is that what the next method is expecting? etc.

Also, to avoid confusion: this thread is titled "OCA Preparation" and has been created in the corresponding subforum but please do know that neither Streams nor Optionals are on the OCA exam (but they do appear on the OCP one).
Can you tell us why you think that?
I think it is fair to say that the String class is among the most widely used classes in Java. Being able to work fluently with Strings is a vital skill to have.
18 hours ago
Hi Mike,

I don't have the book you are referring to but I have put the code into my IDE. The compilation error is caused by line 5. The getRuntime() method is a static method, so it is called on the Runtime class. With the new keyword you are in fact instantiating a new object.

If you make the following change to that line, it should work:
What I understood is that for the Queue (and possibly the Deque?) abstract data structures we are supposed to know the ArrayDeque and LinkedList implementation classes.
As far as I know, the PriorityQueue class is not on the exam (although the more we know, the better of course).
If the compiler doesn't allow the following:

Then I am wondering, in what type of scenario would one use List<? extends X>?

Also, is this what is meant by "the List becomes logically immutable"?
I switch back and forth between two machines (a querty one and an azerty one), which is why I made that analogy.

What I often do when I work with another/new/less familiar program is to make a post-it note with common keyboard shortcuts that I find useful. I keep it next to my computer for easy reference. I know it is "primitive" solution but it works for me.
1 day ago
A lot of people here (including myself) speak very highly of books such as the OCA Study Guide and others. A key element to my personal success in the OCA exam was thanks to the Enthuware mock exams, as well as the helpful CodeRanch community.
Hi Monica,

I am not familiar with C#. In fact, I am just getting acquainted with java. I am not sure what you mean by "liability" but when it comes to checked exceptions in Java (as opposed to unchecked exceptions), you are obliged to cover your back, i.e. you must either "handle or declare" checked exceptions.
1 day ago
I think that depends from one person to the other, how often you switch between the two, how much time you spend in each software, etc.

I sometimes switch from a QWERTY to an AZERTY keyboard. It always takes me a few moments (and consequently typos) to get used to it but all in all, the switch is fairly fluent.

Maybe you could customize your shortcuts as per your personal preferences so that there is a bigger overlap between both?
1 day ago
Hi Jen,

What Jeanne says is true. It is a lot. I am also wondering if I will ever be able to get that knowledge into my head.

I am currently preparing for the OCP exam using this OCP study guide, which I highly recommend. It clearly mentions what one must know as per the exam objectives and also gives plenty of context, example code snippets and explanations.

Niall Kev wrote:It says

also find this code along with more details on setup at

That link no longer seems to be valid.

It still works on my computer. It shows this page.
Honestly, I think it is just for Oracle's statistics. I don't think it matters that much.

Personally, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to take the exam even if you are unemployed but there are other people here who know much more about Oracle's processes than I do.
No worries.

And welcome to the Ranch!