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Recent posts by Brecht Geeraerts

I did not check the entire source code, but it seems that Product has a field Price but I did not immediately see its class declaration...
1 year ago
11 days seems pretty short to me. But it also depends on your level of experience. If I were you (i'm a beginning professional), I'd opt for the 808 as Paul suggested.
Hi Murat,

Welcome to the Ranch. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.  

Can you show us what code you have written so far? What approach do you take? What works and where are you currently stuck? We'd be more than happy to help you find the outcome.
2 years ago
Often option 1 can be considered as an "intermediate" step, which could be skipped by passing the lambda as such (i.e. step 2).
2 years ago
My professional Java experience is still very limited, but I can see the use of Optional. Personally, I'd use it.
2 years ago
I just did my OCP and now I am reading Modern Java In Action, which is fun to read. There is some overlap with the OCP material but that doesn't bother me at all. Or the Java Module System could also be an option maybe?

It mainly depends on you and what you want to learn next. There are also plenty of nice books on Design Patterns, Java EE, Spring, etc...
2 years ago
I honestly can't see where you are going with this. Have you seen Campbell's message? Could you point us to the initial source of this code?
The variables that you declare within a method are local variables and are not initialised by default. You need to set the value.

2 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:... running around and singing for nearly 2½ hours...

Oh wauw, respect! I can't even start to imagine how energy-consuming that must be... How is your voice the day after?
2 years ago

I recently asked a similar question about the Future object that is returned by the submit(). Have a look here. I might help to shed some light on this...
The post for which someone gave you a cow, has the cow icon next to it. I have attached a screenschot as an example.
2 years ago
keep them around for after the holiday season... you never know  
2 years ago
There are pros and cons to both. The 1Z0-809 is older but there is more study material available. 1Z0-816 is more recent but you'll have to assemble your own study material.

If you want to showcase what you can do, try to write as much code as you can and build projects. The certificates will be a nice plus but I believe that showing nice projects can also be a big contributing factor.
When I was preparing the OCA, I was also wondering "when would I be ready to take the exam". What I was told, as a rule of thumb, try to aim for approximately 80% on the enthuware exams to be quite sure that you will pass. Of course, this isn't an exact science and it all depends from one person to the other.
2 years ago
Well done. Congratulations!!