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Yes you can overload the main(String args[]) method but the JVM is only going to call this method automatically and you have to yourself call all the overloaded methods from the main(String args[]). Hence there is no point in overloading the main().
This is because the JVM needs a starting point to start interpreting the bytecodes even before any objects are created, and hence it only looks for
public static void main(String args[])
method definition and starts the execution from this method.
If this method is not found it gives an exception stating no such method found.
Check whether u have placed ur .java file in the forte4j/development directory or u have made some other directory as a file system in the explorer of forte4j. If u have ur file system settings right then u can run the compiled java file by pressing the green arrow button in the menu buttons. U don't even have to compile the java file if u press the green button as it first compiles it and then automatically runs it.
Hi Beno�t d'Oncieu,
All the best to you, waiting to hear from you.
Hi Harpal
what more you want me to tell.
It would be good if I will be of help to othes.
hi Zhang
that's incredible
19 years ago
Hi all!
It's very exciting to post this message, after seeing a lot from this site, but yes I too became cjp yesterday. Though i could not put up a very good show and the score to doesn't reflect my hardwork that I had put in, but it was like qualifying for the finals of an Olympic race. Well three months ago when I started learning java and also preparation for the certification I knew nothing about this language except that it is platform independent, but as the saying is TO START ON A LONG JOURNEY ONE HAS TO FIRST TAKE SMALL STEPS. i think now it is time to take large steps so I am off to running to advance java.
About exam you all will be waiting to hear that, exam was acc. to the recent trend that is going on.
6-8 Q's on Threads,Inner classes(Annonymous)
4-5 on Loops and Flow control
5-6 Q's on IO
3-5 Lan. package
3-4 Collections
2 on EventListener
2 on Awt
1-2 Garbage collection
none on Applets
4-5 on declarations and access control
3 on Operators and Assignments
Questions on threads were not very difficult but the language was.
Time acc. to me was also sufficient, provided you keep an eye on it from starting.
-All the best for those in Q.
Hi Srinivasan,
It will be better if you can specify your email address so I can mail you directly.
19 years ago
I have 3 years of exerience in IT industry in System Administration and have recently switched to software development in Java. Presently prusuing SCJP. Looking forword a job in java programming in India.
19 years ago