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Recent posts by Divyadharshini Karthikeyan

 Thank you for all your suggestions.
Yes @ sign is handled differently in FXML Image.
The issue is resolved and I created a file and then used.

Solution :-

File file = new File("src/sample/PNG/" + rank[j] + suit[i] + ".png");
Image image = new Image(file.toURI().toString());

11 months ago
I loaded the HashMap in main with string and image. I am trying to check in controller whether the image is assigned correctly by trying to view in ImageView.

11 months ago
The folder(PNG) containing the image is on the left side of the uploaded image,to show the folder is in the same location as class.I get the error message when starting the application and my fxml is not loading because of loadimages() function in main.
11 months ago
I am sorry for screenshots. Thought it might be easy to understand my problem with the help of images.
I get run time error from main when I retrieve the image, Whereas it loads the image properly in when I use tags and same location. Am i missing anything?
Error :
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid URL: Invalid URL or resource not found
at javafx.graphics/javafx.scene.image.Image.validateUrl(Image.java:1107)
at javafx.graphics/javafx.scene.image.Image.<init>(Image.java:617)
at Card/sample.Main.loadimages(Main.java:35)
at Card/sample.Main.start(Main.java:18)
11 months ago
I saved my PNG File in sample folder,
And used that PNG file in image tag and tried to display it and worked fine.
But when I try to map it to a string in main,It shows error.
Can anybody please verify it.
I have uploaded the image to show my PNG Folder
11 months ago
Thank you for helping me sort out. It worked
11 months ago
Each player will have 2 cards in hand.
On board there will be 5 cards.
Pick the best hand with five cards (best 5 cards from 7 cards)
I need ideas for evaluating hands.

11 months ago
@Carey Brown
Thank you now I got it.
11 months ago
I have two class --------
  1.cardDeck has a list of cards and
  2.Player extends cardDeck
In cardDeck,I create a deck of 52 cards and shuffle,
And I create player array for 2 players

Declaring the list of cards as static in cardDeck class will make both the players have the same list of cards.?
11 months ago
@Carey Brown
if  N=5
1. 1 +1 + 1+ 1+ 1
2. 1+1+3
3. 1+3+1
4. 3+1+1
5. 4+1
6 1+4

so totally 6 ways ,
similarly for N=6
11 months ago
@Carey Brown

For 4
The ways are
1. 1+1+1+1
2. 3+1 (here 1+3 and 3+1 are not same and counted as separate ways)
3. 1+3
4. 4

so total number of ways for 4(as a sum of 1,3,4) is 4 and the output is not 3.

Hope you got my explanation?
11 months ago
Please correct me If I am wrong?

11 months ago
11 months ago
@Piet Souris

There are n activities given with their start and finish times. We have to Select the maximum number of activities that can be performed by a single person, assuming that a person can only work on a single activity at a time.
1 year ago