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Recent posts by Muhammad Faisal

My action form just contains one attribute of type Profile. Profile has an attribute address that is of type Address. If i want to validate City, how do I do it using validation.xml file. If I use . (dot) to navigate from profile to Address, property attribute wont recognize it. I strictly want to use validation.xml file to do that.
public final class profileForm extends ActionForm{

private Profile profile;


public class Profile {

String name
String phoneNumber
Address address


public class Address {

String Street;
String City;
String State;
String Zip;


This code is not working for us.
<form name="profileForm">
<field property="" depends="required">
<arg key="" position="0"/>

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19 years ago
Both of them must come from same home and should be pointing towards the same entity. By Entity, i mean , Primary Key's object data that uniquly identifies it in the database. For example Bean 1(#88) ,Bean 2 (#88) , Bean 3 (#98), Bean 4(#299) . Consider these are all beans with primary key values in parenthesis. When you run isIdentical on Bean 1 and 2 , it should return true bcaz Bean 1 and 2 are sharing the same primary key object. For all others it will return false. I assume all of them are coming from the same home.
A. remove()
B. getHandle() --Wrong :In case of Local client you dont get any handle.
C. isIdentical()
D. getHome() -- Never heard of this method before. Nearest is getEJBHome().
hi folks,
is there anyway to retrieve Address book located at MS Exchange server using JavaMail API. A lot of websites talk about use of IMAP Protocal to browse email messages. But i could'nt find any info regarding access to address book. First of all i want to know "Is that possible ? Yes/No".
20 years ago
Yes ,you are right. Can't wait for this book forever. I have'nt started preparing for part I yet. But if they delay it again i will probably go for another Architect book that is availible in the market. Has anyone read that book.
You are right Kevin but sometimes employers/recruiters do ask this type of questions.
I have yet to start my preparations for this exam but can'nt you draw them in Microsoft Visio2000 and do copy past in some image tool and save it as gif or jpg. Just a sugguestion.
[ March 15, 2003: Message edited by: FAISAL RAFIQ ]
Ther are gona release this book next week right?
Yes, It works.
Thank you very much guys for posting your replies.
According to Sun specifications for servlets,
"The forward method of the RequestDispatcher interface may be called by the
calling servlet only when no output has been committed to the client. If output data
exists in the response buffer that has not been committed, the content must be
cleared before the target servlet´┐Żs service method is called. If the response has been
committed, an IllegalStateException must be thrown."
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;

public class requestWriter extends HttpServlet{
public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws IOException,ServletException
PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();

out.println("I am the source servlet ");


RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("requestWriter1");


out.println("<BR> is committed <BR>"+response.isCommitted());

This servlet was deployed to Tomcat 4.1.6 . The output was
"I am the source servlet"
According to Sun specifications it should have thrown the IllegalStateException
bcaz i called RequestDispatcher.forward method after committing the response.
Need your comments.