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kelly zeng

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Recent posts by kelly zeng

can i put all operation to database in DatamodelDbImpl?example getFieldInfo();getCombo;...
DatamodelDbImpl implements DataInferface .
so my GUI access directly DatamodelDbImpl's
method .
well then ,what do Model (M of MVC)do?
i think all business logic is operation to database .
please tell me which method in Model?
designing GUI is very trouble!
do you use software?example jbuider,...
why not get columnNames by database???
i do not find the method of columnNames from or
please help?
I want to get value from db.db!
I implentment AbstractTableModel!
but how to get value of table cell?
did you pass by getValueAt() ?
no,path is not true reason!
I have started scjd.but There are some question .
I want to access database by this :
Data db=new Data("db.db");
why error?