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Recent posts by Rob Geoffrey

The field of software development and digital solutions is quite versatile when it comes to the talent pool. The predicament which is faced by the start-ups these days is, they can’t seem to find the right person for the right job. The competition-savvy landscape restricts such organizations to go for the second-best when they are in dire need of a top-notch coder.

Every business these days is aiming to launch its online portfolio. The expansion in the digital landscape has folded a majority of the talent pool. For those who are left behind, cannot seem to land a good opportunity which takes a toll on their professional attitude. Over the course of time, a huge number of capable programmers lose the drive and they don’t even strive to learn new things. The reason? They can’t find the roles best suited for their skills.

Here’s When Kicks In:

You may be wondering, “How does a collaboration platform solve all the problems?”

Let’s put your thoughts to order and introduce an advanced and sustainable collaboration platform that is bound to revolutionize the present day’s digital landscape. is a contributor platform that allows people from all over the world to work on such projects where their skill-set is required. It also makes it easier for the project managers to save their time which they waste in the talent hunting activities by scrutinizing every resume they receive.

How Works? has been designed to work in a very distinctive manner. Let’s understand it’s mechanism with a simple example.

Suppose a software development firm is looking for a skilled web developer for one of its projects. The team leader of that project gets signed up on and creates a project. He uploads all the necessary documents which are required by every single person of his team for understanding every module. The team gangs up and the work gets started. Remember, the team still needs another web developer.

If such a situation is considered in the traditional environment, the team lead will have to post a job on some major freelancing portals like Fiverr, Upwork, GoLance and the rest. Within a few minutes, he will receive hundreds of resumes each having a different set of skills and each quoting different prices. A start-up cannot afford to hire on the demanded rates because it’s already short on the budget. After a weeklong struggle of interviewing potential candidates, the team lead will finally arrive at a decision. And that too can backfire because, on such platforms, people don’t turn up exactly as they portray themselves in their resumes. It’s only after the first submission that a team lead decides whether the newly hired talent is worth the role or not. In most of the cases, even if the hired person is not fit for the job, the project managers simply decide to go with it without realizing that they are compromising the core value of their application which is not been ready yet. The only thing they fear is going back to running the same cycle of talent hunt over again.

But with, the situation has changed completely.

Let’s pick up from the point where the team lead and his team get started on developing the software. Along the way, a freelance web developer signs up and he starts exploring every project by going through the introductory material. After reviewing the content, the freelancer is quite sure that he can do it because it aligns perfectly with his skill-set and experience. He applies to become a contributor at this specific project and after a short interview with the team lead, gets himself approved and joins the team on the go.

The project manager assigns him the tasks which he is supposed to turn in at a scheduled time and if his submissions are proved, he gets paid just like all other team members. No hustle, no wastage of time or energy and the work gets done in an effective and efficient manner.

Soon after the product is developed, the team leads can rate the services and professional attitude of the freelancer which will aid in building up his profile. A good review will boost his morale and he will utilize the talent he gained by working at your project on several other ventures he has to join. These approval ratings also play a vital role in helping an individual better understand the areas that he needs to refine before applying to become a contributor on any other project.

As the saying goes, “Well Begun is Half Done”, well, if translated to the current day’s technological paradigm, turns out to be, “Well Managed is Half Done”. And this holds absolutely true for the project managers who are considered as the driving force behind every project. For a team lead, all that matters is to create a structured workflow that he cannot do if he is short of basic project management tools. is quite well-endowed with tools that you require to get working together. Be it role management or chat applications, task management or reminder creation, the has got it covered. offers ample opportunities to the team leads and freelancers alike to pick the like-minded teams and individuals with the flexibility to choose their own working hours as well. The best part about is, it’s absolutely free of charge and you only pay when your project is live and starts generating revenue. The start-ups and talented individuals can leverage a great deal from the potentials of an outstanding collaboration platform considering the fact that the benefits being offered by are nowhere to be found elsewhere.

With, you have absolutely no need of hiring full-time employees at payroll or even skim through the freelancing sites which are quite full of amateurs portraying themselves as “top-class professionals” has made it as simpler as it can be by bringing talent right at the doorstep of opportunities and vice versa.  

11 months ago