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Recent posts by Ivana Kilibarda

Thank you, guys

@sohail hussain
I don't know what you mean by "exam procedure". My first post include what I used as study material, 3 books + 1 practice test book, Durga youtube tutorials (about 100+ hours of that) and enthuware tests, and I did every enthuware and book test.
It took me about 3,5 months to prepare this, with 3 weeks off due to unpredicted circumstances just before the exam, and after that I did only last day exam. I found this off period (from studying) actually beneficial, so I suggest that when you think you are ready, take some time off, a week or two and then try to do enthuware test again. Lots of things really settle and get perfectly clear during this time
2 years ago
Figured out on a way home that I accidentally answered one question about LocalDateTime with compilation error instead of runtime exception but yeah, I am satisfied, can move on thank you
2 years ago
Hello guys,
I cleared my OCA exam yesterday with 94% score and I am pretty satisfied. I thought to share my experience in a few words.

Study materials:
Durga youtube tutorials - he's english is very hard to understand but he is an excellent beginner's teacher. At first I didn't understand half of thing he was saying (well, I didn't understand the actual words, but got the concepts), but then I get used to it and I understand him perfectly now
Mala Gupta certification guide
Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates exam guide
Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff study guide
Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff practice tests
and of course Enthuware tests which helped me a lot. Actually, all of these resources helped me a great deal.
Regarding enthuware tests: Recommendation is that you don't do them multiple times. However, if you are a beginner like me, with no real coding experience, You might found it very helpful doing it multiple times. It helped me with "reading" the code and writing it on paper (not in IDE) and also learned many stuff I didn't see in books. As a note, I didn't memorize the answers, each time I was doing the test I was writing the code all over again on the paper and then check if I have the result I got as an answer. Last day exam with unique questions I left for the last day, I did it only once, just to check my knowledge and scored 90% (with few really silly mistakes) so I was a bit relaxed and somewhat convinced that I will pass the next day

You have plenty of time on the exam, I finished it, along with reviewing about half of the questions (real exam is easier than enthuware tests, so I was trying to find what I missed on some really easy questions), 35 minutes earlier, so no need to panic about that
Maybe one more tip: when doing enthuware tests, make sure you know exactly why some answers are wrong or right, there can always be a question where you miss something (like default modifier in another package), but when practicing, take your time and try to explain to yourself why each and every answer is wrong/right

2 years ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:@OP

Isn't there an option "Student" or something else which wouldn't require specify company?

Yes, but I am not a student.
Anyhow, I got an answer from their help desk that I can enter N/A, for anyone with the same dilemma in the future ...
Hello guys,
can I take 1Z0-808 exam if I am unemployed? I payed and scheduled an exam and I got confirmation email with link for authentication cert view. I followed that link and it asks me for Oracle account. When I wanted to create an account, I couldn't because job title and company are mandatory fields. What should I do now
Thank you for your replay sohail hussain
Actually, correct answer is D,which is true of course, I just didn't know if exam wants more general or more specific answer. I will go with more specific with this type of questions. The number of these type of questions can't be so high that it will get me fail just because of ambiguity.
Very well, thought it was obvious because I mentioned null just before that. Will do next time

Ana Perez wrote:
but I thought the selection of method to be executed depends upon the actual object class and not the reference, no?

To be executed yes, but to be called, no.
You can call only methods that exist (are declared) in the class of reference variable. But if method is polymorphic, it will be executed based on run-time object (if it is child, then child's method)
If you have parent reference, and want to call child specific method, you have to explicitly cast it, and then call child specific method. This will make code compile, but JVM can still throw exception at runtime if run-time object is not child but parent (or some other exception).
So, when talking about doStruff() in your example, you can call it if you cast a(parent reference variable) to AA (child class)

This will make it compile, but you will get ClassCastException if that variable is not null (or NPE if it is)

Ana Perez wrote:
if I create an object C c = new C(), is it possible to access A's m1() with ((A)c).m1()?

This is same as I already said. Execution of polymorphic methods will be decided at runtime. So, compiler will see that you have m1() method in A class, he is satisfied, but at run-time JVM will see that real object is actually C, and m1() method from C will be called. That is overriding, you don't have parent's methods available. If they were static, they would be available to child classes also, and it would be hiding, not overriding

Basically, whether it is overriding, hiding or overloading, method must exist in reference variable class (either declared or by inheritance), but with overriding, method execution will be determined at run-time based on run-time object (in other cases it will be determined by reference variable, because those methods are not overridden - there is only one copy if that makes sense)

With casting there are 2 things that will cause compile-time error:
1. if there is no IS-A relationship between reference variable type(or type you're instantiating) and type you are trying to cast to

2. if reference variable is not supertype of the type you are trying to cast to

Additionally, there is one thing that will cause ClassCastException
3. if run-time object is not the same or subclass of reference type
Previous code will compile fine, but it will throw CCE at run-time. Your run-time object is Object, compiler was satisfied when you did explicit casting to Integer, but it had no idea what is real run-time object, so JVM throws ClassCastException

Hope this helps a bit
I am sorry if I will sound rude (honestly don't mean to), but you were confident that you can take it again (I am scoring over 90% and I am in panic)? Last day test are unique questions,right? You failed it, didn't you have more time to go through parts you didn't grasp entirely?
what were your scores on those tests? Everyone is reporting higher scores on real exam comparing to enthuware tests
Your deckCards variable is of type Deck. In that class you don't have get(int) and remove(int) methods. You have an ArrayList as field, but you are not obtaining that field and then calling get() and remove(), you are calling those methods on Deck object, not on it's property (which is ArrayList)
On Deck object you can call only shuffle, deal, toString, sort (declared in your class) and other methods from Object class. You also don't have getter for that cardsArray field at this point, so you cannot obtain that ArrayList
2 years ago
I hate these type of questions, I really don't get the purpose of these type of questions on exam.
I think that "A" is "they are allowed to be handled OR declared" in sense you don't have to do both.
And "B" is " required to be 'handled-or-declared' " (like rule handle or declare) if that makes sense to you. It's really pointless in my opinion
Strings are immutable, you cannot change it.
Your str1 is pointing to one string literal (as Brecht said).
Your str2 is pointing to the same String object.
But when you assign new value to str1, new String object is created in string pool(because the existing object cannot be changed), and reference str1 is automatically "redirected" to point to that new object. You cannot change existing string
2 years ago