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Recent posts by Peter Tran is the best place to compare price on Book.
According to my search on, the best price is at
There are no such thing as ordinary XML people. Seriously, certification is never about getting a job. At most it will give you an edge when competing with other job candidates for the same position.
Congrats and thank for your tips
19 years ago
BDI Fulfillment
ATTN: Sun Educational Services Certification Customer Support Manager.
PO Box 1156
Salem, UT 84653-1156

The post office only care if you have the country and the postal code correctly to route the letter. The local post office is responsible for decipher your recipent address to deliver the mail.
19 years ago
Hello Shalu,
You can call Prometric phone number on the Test and give them the voucher id. They can tell you that the voucher is valid or not. Make sure to find out when it expired.
You helped so much people passing the exam. Congratulation!!! How about some mock exams for the SCWCD exam :-)
19 years ago
You can't bring any thing in the testing room. Prometric will give you a piece of eraseable cardboard and the pen to write on. Be sure to ask for extra cardboards...
The test has the check-mark box on the upper left corner for you to mark question you want to come back again. You can see the exhibit codes and the question side by side by click on the "tile" button.
I think there are 59 questions Since you can go forward and backward I would suggest to when you get to the last question, go backward to the question 1 and review all of them again.
Good Jobs and Thank you for the tips
19 years ago
case label must be expression that can be evaluate at compile time.
19 years ago
No Way!!!
You are not even allow to bring in blank papers. Prometric will give you one piece of sketch patch and a dry erase pen. Make sure you ask for about 3-4 pages to write and also ask for more than 1 pen. The pen they gave me dry-out in the middle of the exam. I am forced to use the normal pen on their paper.
19 years ago
I was one of those 10 people who review her mock test. I am telling you that those questions really help me pass the exam.
Do a search for her name on and you can find out when the book will be publish.
Hi, Just want to let all of you know that I passed the exam today mostly due to her book.
I was one of the lucky few who was chosen to "review" Kathy's practice questions. Actually it is more like "wow what a great source of study material".
You can pre-order it here
Check out my tips in the Certification Results forum.
Hello all ranchers,
I just discovered this site about a month ago and I am greatly appreciated the efforts of other ranchers helping each others. I scored a nice 81% which make me really happy.
Some of my tips are:
1. Get a hold of Kathy Sierra's book when it publish in about a month. I was one of the lucky fews who has a chance to "review" her end-of-chapters questions. They are almost exactly the same style as the real exam questions. I won't tell you which one of her questions was on the real exam through. I only have her questions...I could only wonder what would be my scores if I have the whole book.
2. My main source of study is the Mughal & Rasmussen book. That would cover about 70-80% of the materials. You have to find other source on Thread, Collection, and Assertion.
3. I also have the Heller & Roberts book (3rd Ed) but I felt that the book did not have the level of detail required on the exam. You would probably pass but with a low score if you are just using this book as your only source.
4. Do code, and code and code.... Get TextPad or one of the editors out on the web to compile and run your while editing it.
5. Read the JLS on Threads, Collection, and GC. Those topics are about 15-25% on my test. I also used the Javaranch newsletters to get start on Collection.
6. On Threads, be prepare to identify the object to call notify on and what happen when invoke the sleep, wait, notify....
7. Dan Chisholm exams are very good. Much better than even Practice exams from Sun.
8. Get a hold of Velmurugan Periasamy notes. But please don't read it until you understand the concepts.
9. Marcus Green's exam is a very good indicator of how well you do on the exam. Save his exams for last after you are ready. I got the same score on his mock #1 exam as my real exam.
There are a lot of Thread questions.
I also have the exception question where it display the word "atch" instead of "catch".
Watch the main method signature (public static void main(String [] args)). If there are "compilation error" as an option in the answer, look carefully at the syntax of the codes. Sometime, the answer is really compiler error.
There is one short answer question on my exam but the answer is really short one word. Other than those major topics most of the questions are very easy if you prepared....
Thank You
19 years ago