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there is a book on Axis -- The next generation of SOAP
Its a good book, besides the samples in Axis itself are sufficient.

18 years ago
I guess the usability of the object guides what pattern is it and not just the mere appreances...
You will be an architect soon... be rationale
giving a ref is helpful but giving reasons is more imp...
Do u even know why is it deprecated in 2.3 spec...
i guess instead of giving answers as refernces better not give them
18 years ago
Session Facade
By meaning facade is some kind of an abstraction.
Lets say that when you want to access the a number of entities. Say u r the teacher and u want to see the attendance of students, if u want to see any important notice on the notice board on the site and so on and so forth.
you would create a facade so that that object calls all these entities and not you.
It does the following
- reduces network
- helps maintain transaction across entities

by definition a delegate refers to a representative. a business delegate is supposed to be a business representative.
So if u have a business service available, u would create a business represntative on the presentation layer so that the presentation layer is independent of the business/service layer
- hides the complexity of an application to connect to the business systems
- enables easy development since now the presentation layer can work independently of service layer
- it can cache data thats on the server side so to as to decrease the round-trip
Typically a sytem would be
Servlet -- Action Object -- BusinessDelegate -- SessionFacade -- Entities -- Back-End system

Some place where experience helps and certifications dont
I didnt understand the per year experience thingee. Could you be more concrete.
18 years ago
Does this mean Rs 2 Lakhs per year of experience ?
18 years ago
i have a message bean listening on topic "quote". i have given the topic an ACL
weblogic.jms.topic.quote -- receive -- dummyUser
i want to set the appropriate configuration in the ejb-jar.xml/weblogic-ejb-jar.xml
could someone guide me..
i tried manioulating the weblogic-ejb-jar.xml

18 years ago
Has anyone deployed a Hypersonic database in weblogic.
if so can u please give me the configuration parameters ?
18 years ago
i want to understand your problem.
r u trying to use a web server on one machine and an application server on another machine ???
i installed
-- application server on machine A
-- web server + pluggin on machine B
-- chnaged the plugin.xml file on machine b to put the machine name of mach A
this worked for me. i did not copy any files from the temp file. also there was no temp directory made on mach B
the point i am trying to understand is why are you trying to copy the file from a temp file from one machine to another
please correct me if i misunderstood your question
18 years ago
hey Kyle
u r a genius man !!!
did u by any chance code the WAS
18 years ago
i need to clarify a few things
as per the new redbook from ibm i found certain things that i didnt have when i installed the WAS advaced single edition 4.0
1- WASHOME/bin/adminserver.bat
2- WASHOME/bin/adminclient.bat
18 years ago
when i performed the installation of websphere i did not find this file tracefile -- in the logs directory.
is there anything special i have to do for this file to appear
18 years ago
i have an answer to only 2nd question
if u ever made changes to a file and wanted to version it then u need to have the project in an open edition else u will not be able to version ur new file.
hence if a project is not an open edition project then ur package and files cannot be versioned.
i hope i am right this time but u may confirm with the pro - Kyle and Ramesh
18 years ago
i am not a pro but i will try to suggets some answers. i am sure people like Kyle will give the answer in one shot
ur url was -- http://something/hello/serv/Helloserv
ur mapping in xml file was -- /serv -- test.ear
then i think ur url should be http://something/serv/url_pattern_for_servlet
please lemme know if this works
18 years ago
i did try to install just the webserver in one machine and the ibmhttpserver in second machine but i had to map the machine where the websphere was installed.
i dont think it installed even then, since it gave me some errors.
the question i am trying to ask u is that why should one give the directory where the websphere is installed shouldnt we give the URL and port.
wut would be he case for this in case of Unix ???
most of the times i may sound dumbt but all i am trying to do is try to get my concepts clear.
18 years ago