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since Oct 21, 2002
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Recent posts by Mano Poreddy

i;m for sure its not "E" bcs it has no meaning and doesn't convey anything??
reg B, as its BMP any failures in transcations can be caught and it wouldn;t stop thread from execting,so it will not stop container from calling ejbStore()??
hope u got my point !!
thanks for the info.. but it looks only w.r.t WSAD not WAS ?? i'm missing some thing here ???
Is IBM also changing IBM-158 to include J2EE 1.3 and WAS 5.0 as IBM 483? I read in some news magazine but not too sure .. Is any one aware of this or have more info regarding this ?
And also are there any practice test available for 1BM-158 other than ICE ? And .. any good resource on EJB Transcations and EJB CLients concepts??
Thanks a lot ..
yeah, i agree ,,they just throw some incompetence jar files on us , I work directly on*****
let me know if you find some thing on more
21 years ago
Manish, it makes sense but i'm naa too sure. i'll attempt to look into my ref ASAP and try to answer,,
by the way do we have more mock tests other than IBM?
John, i would suggest you to attempt IBM-483 before 158, that will give you solid basic
my 2 cents
Congrates, just one more mile for entreprise developer?? Good Luck
As you r already an Enterprise Developer--WAS, can you suggest me what you think would be my better bet after taking IBM-483? 486 or 158??
First, thank you all for all your valuable contributions and especially Java Ranch for having a system like this which really works; actually your help is invaluable.
Trust me, I wasn’t serious about certifications but looking at you guys I attempted for it.
Back to topic, I passed only with 70%. More score would have made me more confident but no regrets. I used Mastering EJB and EJB Component Arch (I liked this book as it blends flavors of J2EE design patterns with EJB working). I liked the EJB Life Cycle & Transactions better in O'Reilly - of course my favorite series.
Quick Question, going ahead which one is better for me at this juncture IBM 158 Vs IBM 486.Till yesterday I was thinking of IBM 486 but just now I realized the topics for IBM 158 are close to IBM-483 , so it may take little effort for me to prepare for 158.
What do you guys suggest? And how long, would be a reasonable estimate for me to prepare?
Any more suggestions, tips….. all welcome and again THANK YOU
Thanks Aaron and again Congrautalions on your success,, so whts next ? IBM-486 ??
Hi ,
C'gs for all those cleared in IBM-483.
Can any on help me in locating mock exams for this test, i see only 2(IBM and Whiz),, any other?
And also I haven't done much of EJB coding but pretty much have concepts, Are the questions much in code level or concept orientied?
Thanks for your input. how can i force my system ClassLoader to find this i hav make it relative to classpath ? As system class loader have static methods to load resources, i would prefer to use
system class loader, where as getClass().getClassLoader().getSystemResourceAsStream("") would force me create an object instance each time i try to get the resource .
again, thanks for your IP and also Java Ranch- you guys really doing a great job
21 years ago
Why ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream("/resources/validfilename.cfg") returns null
and getClass().getClassLoader().getSystemResourceAsStream() returns valid IP stream ?
any help, is apprecaited.
21 years ago