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Recent posts by Liz Brown

I have an interface say A with method1().
There is 1 abstract class say B which implements this interface A. The abstract class has implemented the method1 with 2 more methods, methodE, methodD.
If I want to add 1more methodH which will do methodE, MethodD and another new one methodZ, what can I do in this case? Should I make a new method in interface or abstract class?
17 years ago
How could I determine how much RAM a java application could use? Any helpful pointers?
18 years ago
i have java code calling c++ code with jni.
I am researching how much memory would be required by application in QA and production.machines used are windows 2000 boxes. I can do only load test on QA machines. I am not sure, how you all find memory requirement for your application which will be put in production.
Please share your experiences how to go about this.
18 years ago
hi has anybody done start date < end date kind of logic in validation.xml
18 years ago
If 3 users are accessing 1 jsp, how many instances of jsp are there?
18 years ago

what does is mean in tld file?

i am pasting the full thing below:

18 years ago
thanks for the suggestion.
I tried following to pass frm jsp:
System.out.println("myDateFormat_fromSes set in session on jsp:"+ myDateFormat_fromSes);

How do I access it in Action class?
18 years ago
I am trying to do following:
get the date format by:
SimpleDateFormat sdf = (SimpleDateFormat)SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, request.getLocale());
String myFormat = sdf.toLocalizedPattern();
System.out.println("myFormat inside Action is:"+ myFormat);

it gives me the format suppose:M/d/yy

I do this in jsp.
Now I need to get the format got on jsp into my action class. How do i access it in my Action class?

If I say:
on my jsp and say:
tring myDateFormat_fromReq1 = (String)request.getAttribute("myDateFormat_fromReq");
in my Action class, it gives me null for this value got from the request.

What's wrong? any suggestions?
18 years ago
1. Please let me know about this Date stuff in Java.Any good pointers.

2. If i have a Date string in UI, how is it converted to Java database Date object.

If i have on UI mm/dd/yy it's US format it will be saved with no problems.
But if I accept the date on my UI from user in European format, it's dd/mm/yy then how is it handled?
I have not worked before with so many details with Date object.
Please let me know.thanks.
18 years ago
we are supposed to use Javascript.
Does javascript automatically detect the format of Date?
If yes, any suggestions on how to check it?
thanks for your suggestions. Do you know a sample code which already exists online?
I have 2 date fields on form. StartDate(fromDate) and EndDate(toDate). Currently I have a calender image which is linked with javascript to click on date and it comes/populates on the text field. User cannot add the date directly in the text field.

But now the user should also be allowed to put the dates with hand type in these 2 fields and also could use the calender if they want to use (they can click on it and the date populates).
what is generally done in this case? The required format is mm/dd/yyyy format. But the user could also enter dd/mm/yyyy format. It the date is likely to be understood like 12/25/2005 it's ok. But if user enters by mistake dd/mm/yyyy like 25/12/2005 then it's an error. How is the format checked? How is it validated?

Is it checked with javascript at client side or checked in backend side in java application?
[ May 26, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
I am using validation.xml to validate the fields on the form. I could use it successfully with the required fields.
I want to use the validation.xml to compare 2 Date fields user enters.
Example: start date and end date.
How to mention a validation check in validation.xml for checking
end date is after start date ?
Anybody implemented it?
18 years ago