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Recent posts by Patrick Bloch

Hello dear community, currently I'm working on a program for me. I have done many things meanwhile in the topic SQLite and many problems myself, found and solved. Now I have a problem where my console tells me no problem and I have to admit that I can not find out what the error could be. If I click on the button "Register customer" the following code will result

The "insert" that is called looks like this

After I clicked, nothing happens. There are no error messages, but the data is not entered in the table! Where did I make a mistake?
It would be nice to find help for that.
Maybe you can help me again. Or one. Then I do not have to open a new area for the topic.
I am currently building the area where the tables are created, the first table is created. At the second he tells me then but that:

SQL error or missing database (near ")": syntax error)

does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Here is my Code again:

Hey, thanks for your answer. I have try and itÅ› work ^^ So much thanks to you!
Well my English is not the yellow from the egg, but i will do my best to learn and write english better.
Thanks for the Solution. With the Relative System I will read more. The whole thing is to learn a little while ^ ^
10 months ago
Hello Community,

i programming to time a Program, that are for my Buisness. In this Program i will do the follow things:

  • Connect to SQlite
  • Create Database when not on System
  • Create Table when not already there
  • Read/Write things in Database

  • now i have write a . The Connection was established. After this i have do a if&else to find out, is the database as data there and when is not there then create. After this Point i do anything false! Here my Code:

    Every Time when i start my programm he goes in the "createNewDatabase();" Function and dont find out, that the database is already there. Anybody has help for me ?
    Best Regards
    10 months ago