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Recent posts by Taylor Manley

I have a couple of sql statements running through various buttons that all display into a single Jtable, upon click of a second button, the results clear. I currently don't have any row headers for the table, but want to add some. I'm not entirely sure how to do that though.
I tried

but that only made my table have empty columns and rows.

This is a small sample of my program

If anyone could point me in the direction of how to add row hearders I would appreciate it
I am trying to add a trigger statement into my program in eclipse. The end goal is to not use mysql to alter any information in my code. I have a successful trigger (i think) in mysql, at least it throws no errors, but when I paste it into eclipse, I get an error. I am trying to limit the number of videos posted per user per day, so a user may not post more than 5 videos per day.


This is my statement straight from eclipse.  And this is my error

The END IF/END worked fine in mysql workbench, so I'm not sure what to change here.
I want the sql statement to run upon the interface loading so that the comboBox displays the video names when the user clicks on it and then from what they click I want the Jfields below it to be populated with the values from the database. So I didn't plan on having a button really. So for that I should initialize the comboBox instead of having an ActionEvent?
I am trying to implement a code that allows the user to choose the name of a video from a comboBox and then have sql return the values from the database that correspond the the txtfields. My sql statement for the combobox was returning values until I added an ActionEvent and now I'm not getting any values. I've alternated between SELECT * and SELECT video_name, but neither return anything in the drop down.
I have a sql statement that compares the favorites list of two users. On it's own it works fine, but I am trying to connect to it two comboBox that I have created. These comboboxes' prompt the user to choose between available users to compare. How would I add the comboBoxes into my sql statement? If I should use a preparedStatement, what should I exchange in my sql statement for a ? value?

This is my code for the sql statement activated by a button click

And my two combo boxes

So I'm working on a search sql program, I want to add a message that pops up in the userpane for if there are no results found. I know how to do this for an if/else statement, but I had to change my 'if' to 'while' to run the loop. Can I still add a message into a while loop?

This is what I had, how would I tailor something like this to fit the program?

I am trying to implement a JComboBox into my eclipse gui. My end goal is to have two drop down combo boxes that compare videos on favorites list between two users. I am trying to populate a combobox with my databases now but I'm running into errors. The code I'm working with for the combo box is

But I'm getting an error that "comboBox_1" can not be resolved.

What am I doing wrong?
I am trying to write a sql statement to return unique userid for reviews they posted where all of their reviews are '3 star' or greater. My current statement returns users that have made '3 star' reviews or greater, but also includes them if they've made reviews of less than. How should I fix it to exclude those who have made less than '3 star' reviews. A user can make multiple reviews which is why I thought DISTINCT userid would work.

I've tried this one below, but the syntax isn't right. I feel like I'm on the right track, but I'm not sure what to change.

Hey guys, so I'm not really sure if this is possible or not. I'm looking for a few pointers.
I have a search interface in eclipse that displays my results in a swing gui. The search aspect works the way I want it too, but I want to be able to click the results and have them pop up in a second interface where the results are laid out in different  Jfields, if that makes sense. So for instance, my program shows results for video name, description, and city (among other things). So after I complete a search, I want to be able to click say the first result and then I was planning on having a button that said something like "view video" so upon clicking the button, I want a new interface to pop up and have a label that says "Video name" and then have the result be auto populated into the Jfield for "video name". I'm not asking for a code or anything, just if this sounds like something possible to do? I know how to make the interface and have the button connect and all that, but I'm a little confused as to what SQL statement I would implement to have the results of the search continue into another interface.

In case seeing my current code helps:
Thank you!

worked really well
I am implementing a filter to my search interface that allows a user to display results that have been added within the past 10 days. My program brings back an output, but it's only one when there are at least 3 values in my database that would fit the filter. Is there something I need to change in my code in order to get it to output ALL values that the select statement applies to?

I believe I got it to work. I'm now receiving an output in the Jtable. Thank you for all your help.

One more question, is there a way to have the SELECT statement search for semantics or partial words or does it only search for verbatim results?

My current code for the database part is

So when I run the program, my gui pops up and the JTable is empty. If I enter something for the "?" parameter and hit the "search city" button, I get no response from the program. I do have at least row that wold fill the parameter, but I get no return output into the JTable and it remains empty.
I want the output to be displayed in the Jtable, but I don't get any output at all. So the lack of output comes from creating a different .getModel?
I am implementing a search interface in eclipse working with mysql. I believe I have the SELECT statement right, but I am unsure of how to display the results of the search on my interface. I am working on the search for the 'city search' currently and haven't finished the select statement for the 'tag search' yet as I don't want to get ahead of myself. Is 'result' used to display the selected values from my database table or something else?

I originally had a JList instead of a JTable to try and display the search results in but switched it. It wasn't working right than either.