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If this is an intranet app and you can guarantee all users have Outlook: is there a file extension which is recognized as an Outlook file? Maybe by constructing this file on-the-fly and shooting it to the browser it will launch outlook with the content you prefilled it with. This is an idea. I've never tried this in practice.
Other option would be to do the email construction (and sending) all on the app server. Provide a message box for the user's data entry (reply address, comments, attached files, etc.) and then use JavaMail to send it maybe ccing the originator so it gets back to the client's Outlook.
Please post what you do end up doing. I'll be curious.
21 years ago
devesh -- thanks for the reply
I agree I wouldn't want to actually use the resultset in the jsp and putting whatever DVO in the request scope will allow "messaging" between the tiers.
I guess my concern was around overhead of creating composite objects that will be so shortlived, then having the GC destroy them afterwards.
We have a data object (think disconnected resultset) which has all the mutators of a resultset but has already disconnected from the db. Its really a vector of vectors. Usually the row vector corresponds to a row in the display so its easy to loop through. In this case (one to many) the idea breaks down.
I'm concerned about now creating a DVO object(order) from my object described above which will have a hash of other objects (items) which might have hash of other objects (tbd) per request. Many users, many requests this can add up (?)
Seems memory heavy and wasteful? No? Should I not be concerned about this?
I have a ResultSet object derived from a 1:N join

In my JSP I would like to display that as ONE line item:

What's the best way to go about doing this?
Approach (?) Create a business object (OrderNum) and do the relational mapping in the bean code. Have the JSP use the bean.
Cons: This seems wasteful to create java objects for this pupose. There will be many OrderNums and they are shortlived objects.
Any other ideas? This is a repeatable problem throghout my app and I would like to apply this approach globally.
I have a ResultSet object derived from a 1:N join

In my display/report/JSP (really
Had this problem myself.
You are using JSPs to write binary content which is generally not advised (servlets preferred).
The JSPWriter will write out content when you have two <% %> <% %> scriptlet tags defined AND whatever template tags you have before, in between (carriage return, spaces, etc.), and after. So setting the content-length = size of the PDF is actually wrong since the content length would include these extra characters.
If you must do it via JSP make sure there are NO trailing spaces, at the end of your JSP and your scriplet blocks are back-to-back <% %><% %>. then your content-lenght number will be accurate.
hope this helps.
21 years ago