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Recent posts by Frank Bacher

I'm not sure if this is helpful for you, but i had a similar problem. Sometimes I got an OutOfMemoryError.

In my case the message was something like java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space. For me, the solution was to add the parameter '-XX:PermSize=128m'. Since i did that, Eclipse isn't crashing anymore.
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Have you already tried

(on Debian/Ubuntu. On other linuxes there is probably a command to configure the used Java, too).
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14 years ago
Have you tried getX() and getY() already?
14 years ago
When I last tried it, it didn't (ok, i must admit it is some time ago and new versions have emerged). But it is nice to hear that it possibly works now. Even better in my case is, that i didn't need to try it anymore because the piece of hardware which was the reason of my trials (a cheap dvb-t usb receiver) now works native under linux ;-)
14 years ago
I tried VirtualBox (and sometimes still use it) and it works. But with 512 MB of RAM it is really slow. Another point is (or at least was, when i tried it) that if some hardware doesn't work on your host system, it won't work on the guest.
14 years ago
In short:
Yes, it is possible.

A bit longer:
I haven't tried it with Solaris, but it is almost exactly what i do (with Linux). A thing you have to really care about is where to install the bootloader. If you don't, it is possible to destroy your existing windows installation so that you aren't able to start it anymore.
14 years ago
Ulf already stated the problem.
There are many possible solutions for your problem. One is to make the Array sized as you need it. Another ist to comment in (and correct the line
testClock[3]=new Clock(108,"IMC","8"); . You could also do a check if the array at position [i] is not null and only if that is the case execute the "getPrice()-getModel()"-line.
14 years ago
That tiny part of your code seems to be ok for me. But as mentioned before use instead of .

I'll show you my code and you can try if it works for you.

Does it work for you? If yes, do it that way in your code. If not (besides i'm then not really sure if i understand you right), what exactly does it not what you want it to do?
Is really the alignment the problem or is it for example the margin? If so, you could try a setMargin(new Insets(0,0,0,0)) instead.
[ September 24, 2007: Message edited by: Frank Bacher ]
15 years ago
I just tried it here and for me it works. Maybe there is another problem with your code. But without the code it is really hard to say what is wrong. So if you could give a bit more information/code it would be easier to help you.
15 years ago
The API says that setHorizontalTextPosition(int textPosition) sets the horizontal position of the text relative to the icon. Take a look at setHorizontalAlignment(int alignment). I think that should fit your needs.
15 years ago
What kind of frame is it?
If it is a Frame, you could do it like that:

If it is a JFrame, this way:

Hope, this helps you, you can get more information here<br> How to Make Frames or in the API, especially here<br> JFrame
18 years ago
@ Dana:
Thank you, sounds interesting, but my knowledge in SQL is very basic, just did things like insert, edit, delete. And complicated object graphs are a thing, which i don't know well, too.
@ Michael:
I think, you got me wrong. My reply was not ment unfriendly. I just wanted to say that i don't know this ARP thing and i don't understand what this thing is for. As i am not a native english speaker, i've got some problems with that language.
19 years ago
Maybe a cookie manager for IE would be a nice thing, but as I use Linux and Konqueror, Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird i don't think that this is an important thing ;-) (and i think there are ways to manage them in these browsers).
The second thing you mentioned sounds interesting, but, to tell the truth, i don't really understand what this thing should do or how it should look like.
19 years ago
I think i'm a advanced java programmer. Did some applets, apllications and programming in J2EE. Additional to that, i did programming in ASP, JavaScript, C, C++. So i am not an expert in anyone of them but i think what i don't know about programming Java, I can learn fast.
What I want to do is, to develop a "useful" application. Maybe a kind of business application, maybe an application that is useful in private life (for example an application to manage your CDs or video tapes, a programm for networking things like a ftp client or a chat or p2p thing - but the things i enumerated all already exist). If possible, i want to do something new, and that is the real problem, because everything I thought about, exists. And you are right, 4 month is not a long time, and I don't really know, what is possible in this time.
19 years ago
Hi all,
i'm a student of computer sciences and media. When finishing our studies, we have to do a degree dissertation (sorry, i don't know if this is the right word, my dictioniary told me so). That means, that we have to do a project on a topic out of media and computing. It is possible to do a scientifical project (research), but more often it is done as a practical project, which means for example design and implementation of an application. Duration of the project is 4 month.
My special interest is in software engineering and programming, so i'd like to do a topic out of this area. As i'm just a student my problem now is, that i don't reallly know what could be interesting for any companies/developers/the economy. If you understand what my problem is and you have any suggestions on interesting topics it would be kind of you, to let me know.
Thanks in advance
p.s. please xcuse my bad english
19 years ago