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Recent posts by tony kanvas

Eid Mubarak!! for every body
19 years ago
Any body can tell me please how can I Flip flop the html page like make page from left �right to right-left side just I need to use other languages not English
Thanks for your help
you dont have any acount in hotmail if you have please mention it to me thanks
hi hussin where are you from can ihave your email and i cann add you to my msn i will do ocp soon
Thanks javaranch for my second certificate
I passed yesterday my advice go for ver better and easer than new ver
use scwcd exam study kit and jweb+ you can pass if you know the key
and how to study
don�t spent more time with some books if your goal is certificate then go do it
by the way I didn�t code much around 10 time only and without experience
take me around 3 month 1-3 houre A day
wish you a better score than me ;-)
19 years ago
hi any body use this mocks exam and how much it benefits to us
my answer yes
Its increased my salary 350 $
19 years ago
To Ujwala Kawalay
Did you use any mock exam and how much you got .
What you can advice me how start with good book especially I didn�t never ever use xml
Thanks in advance
I mean when using invalidate you can grantee session is invalidate ?!
hi all
The user cant explicitly guarantee their session is invalidate
How much this statement true and how about if we use public void invalidate
I think it will depends attribute scopes that used , like if we use local var it will be thread safe
Instance var will not ,and class var (static) will not too .
I think the question a above missing to clarify the attribute scopes type.
am i right?
A servlet can be made thread safe by running it in the single-threaded model.
isnt this statment true ??
congrats do you have any study notes that you can share with us
Any one can give some info about .jmx and when and why we use and this first time I got some file in jmx and what is the future for this Extensions
19 years ago
For sure not sun want to increase programmer so it make it easy specially now i did the certificate in second attend I got 54 and now passing score 51 and certificate start with 71 then 61 and now 51 and may 41 in the future
19 years ago