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Recent posts by noel angel

Hi Dan,

Be completely up front and honest with your investigator. If the apartment isn't sending threatening letters you should be fine. They are looking to see if you could be persuaded with money to sell classified information to unfriendly companies. People with a lot of debt or a close relative that is having extremely high medical bills, someone with gambling problems...

To the foreign born person asking about getting a clearance because some jobs require them..... They are between 20-50K. It is difficult for foreign born individuals to get them mainly because it is difficult to obtain information from foreign countries. Questioning neighbors that you have had in the past etc. Don't bother even thinking about it!
19 years ago
By the way list the open source work as experience I would!
19 years ago
I was out of work for 7 months, I took and passed three Sun certifications in JAVA. I interviewed for several Java positions and was told that I didn't have enough experience. One interviewer dismissed my certifications because I didn't do the Developer one - But I achieved the Architect Cert - over qualified I guess.
I finally got a job as a C++ programmer and I hardly do any any JAVA stuff at all!!! I miss it!!! I liked it!!! But its a good job.
19 years ago
Try Ireland, it is a big outsourcing country and almost everyone has a job.
Who wants one
19 years ago
There are short quick answer type questions as well as long scenario type questions. If the long questions are taking too long go on and come back to those. Time is a big constraint and the test is difficult/challenging anyway.


Go over as many of the free practice tests as possible. Go over them until you get all the answers correct. The test score that you end up with correlates extremely well to the average of all the test scores of the practice tests that you take!!

Many of the questions are way too similar to the actual test questions.
Get a good night's sleep the night before and take a bottle of water with you on test day.
The test is hard.

Good Luck
Does anyone know of a way to call a windows internal(built-in start) command from an ANT script? Start when called from command line or a script starts a window runs a command sent to it as an argument and leaves the window open when it completes....
19 years ago
ANT requires xml syntax. The build file must be named build.xml or you need the option to rename the file when you call ant.
This is not the correct way to handle the environment. your snippet looks like a shell file not an ant build file???

19 years ago
The Build file runs successfully but I don't see the MS windows appear as a result. The start command worked fine from an MS batch file but I need to call it from an ANT script. The args seem to expand correctly.
Anyone have a solution? I need to have the cmd window stay around and ANT not wait fro the command completion. The relevent piece of the build file is below:

<target name="tbus" depends="checkenv">
<exec executable="cmd" os="Windows 2000" spawn="true">
<!-- <arg value="cmd"/>-->
<arg value="BUS SERVER"/>
<arg value="${e2edconf}\..\server\debug\server"/>
<arg value="${e2edconf}\BUS_config.txt"/>

19 years ago
Hi Folks,
We have a web application that is currently almost all written in xml.
We don't know how many concurrent users it will have, we are sure that there will be some but we are not sure how many. We want to keep separation of presentation layer and business layer.
My suggestion is that we use a JSP front end with a front controller and dispatcher to connect to the business layer. Tomcat will be the application server. We are going to use freeware for the persistence level and probably access the db with DAO's. This is not going to be a J2EE business layer- just java classes all implemented on one machine. Development Speed is of the essence. What would you recommend???
Should we use struts or is the learning curve too great?

Hi all,
Is it safe to assume that JAVA API's are thread safe?
JAXP for example, are any of the stabdard api's not thread safe?
We are trying to use a program written on NT which uses a Java policy file to set up a socket connection. The grant privledge on port 1099 is set to connect, accept, and read but we can not make the connection. We have a suspicion that some basic privledges may be missing at the NT level.
Can anyone tell me what privledges must be granted by NT first of all, or, any
other help you can give me?

Thanks, Noel
Hi Rich,
If you have added functions to your class diagrams you may select those messages for a sequence diagram but at this time Rose will not populate the classes with your message names automatically. There is a report & checker in Rose that will check your sequence diagrams to make sure all of the messages exist in some class somewhere but it doesn't populate the classes.
Consider the fact that if you name the functions slightly differently in your sequence diagram from the class they will fall out of the tool as an exception or problem if you like that word better. Even case differences in the name will cause this name to appear in the report. Then you can fix them and make all of your names consistent. This can be a real pain!
I hope that I have answered your question.
Hi Rodger,
Yes, you are correct but I still maintain that you would not need to traverse the relationship from credit card to customer.

By the way: no one does it that way either. Remember that aggregation IS a form of association.