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Joseph Magerramov

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Recent posts by Joseph Magerramov

Whenever I start the server I get the following error:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: and
Exception in thread "main"
I checked and my JAVA_HOME is set to C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\runtimes\base_v5\java, which appears to be correct. Any other ideas?
16 years ago
I just reinstalled my websphere studio and now whenever I add files to clearcase WSAD crashes. If I checkin files - the checking progress dialog just hangs there indefinitely.
I remember having the same exact problem last time I installed WSAD 5.0 and somehow I resolved it. I can't remember what I did, though. I tried applying fixpack 1 but that didn't help. Did anyone else run into this problem?
16 years ago
NM. Solved the problem by making the connection shareable.
17 years ago
I get the following exception when trying to update two BMP beans from a servlet:
[9/15/03 10:08:52:714 EDT] 4c5cbaa TransactionIm E WTRN0062E: An illegal attempt to use multiple resources that have only one-phase capability has occurred within a global transaction.
Here's the code that causes that:

Update method grabs a connection from a datasource, creates a statement and then runs a query on it. The exception seems to occur during the second update, in fact, if I comment it out everything works fine. Any ideas?
17 years ago
Yup, worked beautifully. The funny thing, I had isolation level set to TRANSACTION_NONE, and I thought that would have the same effect.
17 years ago
This happens in V5 datasource. The locks are not released until the resultset is closed. As the result, this code will cause a deadlock:

Of course, one solution would be to rewrite all our functions to use the same connection, however that'd require too much time. Is there any way to force V5 datasource to behave the same way V4 did, where the locks were released as soon as select query was executed?
Also, I checked and updateable resultsets are still not supported. So that's not a solution either.
[ September 12, 2003: Message edited by: Joseph Magerramov ]
17 years ago
Our software doesn't use EJBs but rather accesses database directly. For example, a certain servlet could call several methods, each of them obtaining a separate connection from the datasource and using it to update database.
Since there are several connections, connection.setAutoCommit(false) obviously won't work. I was wondering if it's possible to execute all this db calls as part of one transaction. Any suggestions or samples would be appreciated.
17 years ago
Edit web deployment descriptor for your web module. Go to references tab and add reference to the datasource in question.
17 years ago
I get the following warnings whenever I try to access datasource connection from a timer thread.
33aae011 ConnectionMan W J2CA0075W: An active transaction should be present while processing method allocateMCWrapper.
33aae011 ConnectionMan W J2CA0075W: An active transaction should be present while processing method initializeForUOW.

While I realize these warnings are harmless they still do flood the logs. Is there anyways to get rid of them?
[ September 03, 2003: Message edited by: Joseph Magerramov ]
17 years ago
FYI - Both problems fixed by added a reference to the datasource to the webapplication in question.
17 years ago
Thanks for you reply William. Guys, any ideas about the second message?
17 years ago
I just finished upgrading our application to run under websphere 5.0.0, however, I'm getting several warnings regarding a datasource that we're running.
Here's the first one:
[8/28/03 15:36:20:636 EDT] 1bc794f3 ConnectionFac I J2CA0122I: Resource reference jdbc/knowledgeshare could not be located, so default values of the following are used: [Resource-ref settings]
res-auth: 1 (APPLICATION)
res-isolation-level: 0 (TRANSACTION_NONE)
res-sharing-scope: true (SHAREABLE)
res-resolution-control: 999 (undefined)
Here's the second:
[8/28/03 15:36:47:284 EDT] 1bc794f3 SharedPool I J2CA0086W: Shareable connection MCWrapper id 707854f6 Managed connection State:STATE_TRAN_WRAPPER_INUSE
from resource jdbc/knowledgeshare was used within a local transaction containment boundary.
I'm looking at datasource settings right now, but if somebody could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
17 years ago
Found something else:
The actual exception is: Exception occurred while the JNDI NamingManager was processing a javax.naming.Reference object. Root exception is java.lang.Exception: Attempted to use a 5.0 DataSource outside of a 2.3 servlet
17 years ago
Recently we migrated our development environment to 5.0. While doing so, I came accross 2 different problems.
1) Datasource configuration tab doesn't provide user/password properties anymore. Can I just add them manually? If not, what account does websphere use to connect to the DB?
2) Our old (4.0) code to bind datasource does work anymore:

This throws a number of exceptions, including As always, any help on this would be appreciated.
[ August 26, 2003: Message edited by: Joseph Magerramov ]
17 years ago