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Have you read Creating a custom Java administrative client program using WebSphere Application Server administrative Java APIs in the PDF
entitled something like IBM WebSphere Application Server, Version 5.0.2
System Administration. I'm sorry I can't give you the link. I down loaded it and labeled it was502base_admin.pdf. But I am not sure it's that on IBM's site.
It has a nice sample program in chapter 5.
16 years ago
There's ejb_deploy in addition to wsadmin. Personal preference is well...
The preferred/easiest way is via WSAD, but it's not command line.
If you state why you want to do it via the command line, guru's
may talk you out of it.
[ May 11, 2004: Message edited by: Sondra Colagrossi ]
16 years ago
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<webappext:WebAppExtension xmi:version="2.0"
xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:webappext="webappext.xmi"
xmlns:webapplication="webapplication.xmi" xmi:id="WebAppExtension_1"
reloadInterval="3" reloadingEnabled="true" additionalClassPath=""
fileServingEnabled="true" directoryBrowsingEnabled="false"
<webApp href="WEB-INF/web.xml#WebApp"/>
<jspAttributes xmi:id="JSPAttribute_1083358107609"
name="keepgenerated" value="true"/>
<jspAttributes xmi:id="JSPAttribute_1083358107610" name="scratchdir"
[ May 01, 2004: Message edited by: Sondra Colagrossi ]
16 years ago
The scratchdir attribute is supposed to specify where the java source gets written. This is the java source created from a jsp. In my setup, the attribute seems to be ignored. If you put your cursor in the attribute section and then F1, you can see the help dialog.
The help dialog says if no scratchdir attribute is specified the java code should be in was_home\temp\host_name\application_server_name\application_name\webmodule_name.
I'm just documenting a does not work as advertised. I am hoping that if somebody come along behind me, they can jump these hurdles like a track star. I think this issue is a bug in eclipse/wsad.
16 years ago
I added the scratchdir = c:\scratchdir attribute to the websphere extensions page of the web.xml file. I created the directory c:\scratchdir.
This is as shown in figure 10.5, and how the wsad help system indicates to do it.
For my xqz.jsp, shows up in
C:\WSAD\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\Jsp2Java\Servlet Example\Web Content
16 years ago
I believe the authentication method shown in figure 8.3 page 122 should be container not application. This clears the exception, too. See the J2EE Tutorial for the details.
16 years ago
WAS Version 4 has been out for a long time and is missing many exciting features. Kyle Brown ( et al ) have a book out that seems well suited to your request, Enterprise Java Programming with IBM Websphere. There are several good redbooks.
I have not invetigated it but there's a bunch of Head First EJB groupies down the block in the SCBCD forum.
16 years ago
What is the syntax for commenting out lines in .clp file?
16 years ago

I added the user j2ee using j2ee but it looks I am too late.
I am running on Windows XP, my output is -
SQL0567N "Sondra Colagrossi" is not a valid authorization ID. SQLSTATE=42602
SQL1013N The database alias name or database name
"EJPBOOK" could not be found. SQLSTATE=42705
DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement
because it was not a valid Command Line Processor command.
During SQL processing it returned:
SQL1024N A database connection does not exist. SQLSTATE=08003
Could anyone suggest a work around, thanks ...
16 years ago
Can I export the admin console from WAS to WSAD and then use it to administer/read the WSAD configuration?
16 years ago
I overcame the above problem the wizard does not discover the databases. One has to overtype the name of the database on top of sample.
Now on to the next problem.
16 years ago
Thanks for the info.
I am moving right along, again.
I downloaded and upgraded to 5.0.1. It only took about 24 hours.
I downloaded and installed WSAD 5.0.1. Interim Fix 003.
As Kyle predicted, the old bug has vanished.
Now there's a new one. Sure wish I could copy and paste the error message.
[IBM][CLI Driver]SQL1013N The database alias name or database name "SAMPLE" could not be found. SQLSTATE = 42705
If I remember right I created a sample ( lower case ) from the command center. Sample is listed in the Database selection box as shown in figure 24.7
I select the database box and strike F1 ( Help ).
A yellow box appears, three hotlinks DBs, DB Conns, and Connecting to DBs.
Click DBs. it says
... You can define the name and type of the database, and select a project to store the database design. Once you add a database in the Data Definition view of the Data perspective, you can add schemas and tables to the database. ....
In the data definition view there are what I suppose is a bunch of open projects: OIDGen, TimeApp, TimeAppTestClient, TimeSheet-AppLogic, TimeSheetGroup, wasbook and wasbookServer. Just for fun I created a database under wasbook. Should I have created more? Do web and ejb projects generally need databases associated with them?
Search for "SQL1013N" on the WSAD Library page returns 49 hits. The best of the freely available is this FAQ page.
from that page
A: The SQL1013N error indicates that the database could not be found in the client or the server database directories. The net driver will use the native libraries on the server, so it will be using the server database directory to locate and connect to the remote database.
The SQL1013N indicates that the net driver is unable to locate the database. Ensure that the database URL is correct; that is, the server name and database name are correct. Also ensure that the DB2 JDBC Applet Server on the server is running on a port that does not conflict with port of another process (i.e., the port numbers should be different.). By default, the DB2 JDBC Applet Server on the client is started on port# 6789 when the 'db2jstrt' is issued. In this case, it is most likely that the DB2 JDBC Applet Server's port is conflicting with the port of another process, since the remote database is accessible from the DB2 command line.

From figure 24.7 my connection URL is grayed and reads jdbc:db2:SAMPLE. No way appears possible to set the host
This page from the info center is interesting too.
Use the Client Configuration Assistant on your local machine to create a database alias to the remote server.
What's that mean?
[ March 29, 2004: Message edited by: Sondra Colagrossi ]
16 years ago
Thanks for the info.
I am moving right along.
1) Since the OIDGenerator did not have a back end folder for 8.1 I created one.
2)I right-click the item under Databases and then export to server.
3)The figure that looks pretty much the same as 24.21 I click next on.
4)Figure 24.22 I uncheck generate fully qualified names, then next.
5)Figure 24.7 I opened some command center and created a database named sample. I enter it in the Database field. I enter a user and a password name. I enter 8.1 as my vendor type. Every thing is looking good. I click finish.
ERROR - Problem encountered during export: IWAS0126E Problems encountered while trying to establish connection Con2. Reason no suitable driver
Ok clears dialog box.
6) click in JDBC Driver field and then strike F1 key for help
7) click hot link Creating a JDBC connection using a DB2 Universal Database driver
for IBM DB2 App Driver

To use this JDBC driver, follow these steps:
In the New Database Connection wizard, type the name of the database connection the Connection name field.
Type the name of the database that you want to connect to in the Database field.
If required, type the user ID and password.
Select DB2 Universal Database from the Database vendor type pull-down list.
Select IBM DB2 App Driver from the JDBC driver pull-down list.
Type in the JDBC driver class field.

But the JDBC driver class field is grayed
BTW I never upgraded from WSAD
Version: 5.0.0
Build id: 20021125_2118
to the latest offered under software upgrades. When one goes through the software upgrades process, the dialog box says the jar files are not signed. With my luck somebody will do a man in the middle attack and I'll be crashed.
[ March 24, 2004: Message edited by: Sondra Colagrossi ]
16 years ago
Did you happen to remember to bring your book in?
16 years ago
I'm trying to run the example servlet.
I'm on page 879 a.2.3 Running the Case Study. I got here from page 96 see Appendix A on loading the workspace containing the examples and the case study.

2. Use the procedure from the export database tables section in chap 24 to export the tables for both the OIDGenerator and TimeSheetGroup EJB module projects. Since the TimeSheetGroup was was generated with the NULLID schema name, you do not want to export the tables using fully qualified names and you want to use a valid database login id.

This paragraph is very confusing. Perhaps it's because I'm jumping from page 96 to 554 to 878. The first sentence says we are trying to export the tables. The second sentence says the the time sheet group was generated with the NULLID, to me this implies a bottom up creation of EJBs. Of course for bottom-up the tables already exist.
When they talk about exporting to a database, in one option they say you can generate some ddl and run it. To me this implies creating the tables.
Page 554 says expand the databases group ... When I do I see two, OIDGen :Sample ( DB2 UD v7.2 ) and TimeSheetGroup:wsbook( DB2 UD v8.1 ). As far as I know only v8.1 is installed on my machine. Where did 7.2 come from? What am I trying to accomplish here anyway?
16 years ago