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Recent posts by Don Bosco

Guys, I need help on the above problem. any help is greatly appreciated.
21 years ago
Do u guys suggest any other names for these states?
21 years ago
Watching the NFL, I came up with a new game plan for our Cricket.
For each team there will be an Offense and Defense.
Offense (Batting) = 11 players
Defense (Fielding and Bowling) = 11 players
No batsman will field,bowl and viceversa.
Imagine 11 sachins and 11 McGraths playing for a team.
And also I feel that India should improve the Cricket at state level. I dont know about other states,but in AP they play in Gymkhana grounds (Open place, no stadium). Who will watch the game? Even if they play in a stadium, nobody will watch it. Reason? No media hype. Did u ever see an ad of ranji trophy in TV? With 1 billion population, if india is good in presenting sports, economy will improve drastically. what do u guys say?
Anyway, like NFL, I came up with these names for our state teams.
AndhraPradesh - Techies
TamilNadu - Intells (Intelligents)
Karnataka - Woods (Sandalwood)
Goa - Dolphins
Kerala - Nets
Maharastra - Sevaks
Orissa - Typhoons
Gujarat - Tycoons
MadhyaPradesh - Guns
Rajasthan - Deserts
Delhi - Lions
WestBengal - Tigers
UttarPradesh - Lakers
Kashmir - Glaciers
Punjab - Turbans
Bihar - Cowboys (No wonder if Laloo is in the team)
21 years ago
I'm getting the scrollbar for jtree. but i'm unable to set the width for the tree. here is my code,
//treePanel.setPreferredSize(new java.awt.Dimension(100,400));


getContentPane().add(new javax.swing.JScrollPane(treePanel), java.awt.BorderLayout.WEST);
if i remove that comment, i'm getting the width i want. but i'm losing the scrollbar.
how do i do this.
21 years ago
you are right. I was using these two lines for my JFrame.
Got it now. Thanks Dude.
21 years ago
Hi Paul,
the problem is - user cannot type in the textfield. i used setEditable(true). but still i cannot see the cursor in the textfield.

21 years ago
In my swing interface I have a jtextfield where user can give his input. how do i do this?
i tried setEditable(true). but it is not working. i'm executing this on solaris. is it necessary to add a listener to jtextfield for getting input from user?
any help on this?
21 years ago
When I try to expand the Jtree, I'm not getting the vertical scrollbar. What should I do?
this is my code,
getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(jPanel1));
21 years ago
what is the best IDE to develop swing applications? I have this Forte from sun. but it is very slow. Can anyone suggest a fast GUI builder?
21 years ago
What is the best place to buy stocks online? what's your opinion on sharebuilder?
21 years ago
Does he look like u?
There might be a mirror in a washroom facing the door.
21 years ago
Is it legal to put copyright symbol in my website even if dont have the copyrights for my material?
This way I can atleast stop some people from copying my content
21 years ago
What is the best place to register a website name?
I also need the web hosting services.
21 years ago
None of the above interfaces has the getServletContext() method. I see some jsp examples in hanumanth deshmukh book which use getServletContext() method directly.
<% getServletContext.log("message"); %>
How is this possible? Am I missing something?
A servlet generated from jsp implements the HttpJspPage interface and extends HttpServlet.
PLease correct me if i'm wrong.