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Recent posts by DineshC Sharma

Hi there, Kathy, Trisha, and Bert,

Congratulations on the release of this marvelous book!

I am one of those people who became Java developers after doing all non-coding things (in my case working at the construction sites and doing sales of electric equipment) for the first decade of their careers. And man o man this book (older version covering Java 5) helped like anything, I owe it to you really want to say a heartfelt thanks.

As we always have to deal with JavaScript and the more I do that, the more I miss the symphony of Java code, which almost speaks for itself.

Wishing you all the best and thanks once again!

3 weeks ago
Hi Jeanne, Hi Scott!

Congratulations on release of this new book!

I have read your previously written books and they have helped me a lot, totally indebted to you for writing such master pieces, covering all the details in one book itself. Among other things I liked the "Real world Scenario" sections too.

Coming to this new book, apart from updating the book for newer Java 17 features, is there any change in pedagogy or may be some new sections being added/deleted? Just curious, is the animals and zoo theme still intact in this new one as well (I loved it in OCP-11)?

Thanks and all the best!!
Thanks for replying Sourabh, looks really nice!
11 months ago
Congratulations on publishing your Book Sourabh, Could you please elaborate a bit more on what all is covered in the e-commerce sample project, like how complex is it, and are all the technologies being taught in the book are used in the same, viz. Spring security, Logging and tracing etc?
11 months ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Well done, I'm happy you're having fun!

Any tips of your own for others in the same situation you were in?

Coderanch is full of treasure of information though, specifically for self learning folks I would say this path may save you money but it will not save time as such. There is so much to Java and programming and reaching that critical mass where you are ready to contribute in a professional environment, it will going to take time. Exactly how many months, well for me it took three years, and it surely can vary as per your existing knowledge base and targets. Rest work on projects, Oracle certification(s), algorithms & data-structures (particularly focusing problem solving) and in general best practices (reading Code Complete 2, etc) together interleaving while learning is one important aspect of learning to learn.
11 months ago
Just for record and future readers, I got a Java Dev job and loving every bit of it.
11 months ago
Hi Jeanne, Hi Scott,

Congratulations on this book, with the newly structured OCP exam it would be quite helpful.

I am not sure if this question is being asked to you often or not but, here it goes - what would you advice to self teaching developers out there? there is a lot of trend these days and it is fueled heavily by boot-camps as well.


Hi Jeanne, Hi Scott,

It feels so nice to talk to authors I admire, I have used your OCA Java SE 8 study guide and same helped me a lot to understand Java quite well. Being a self taught developer, I found preparing for exam pretty rewarding in terms of clear study aims. Java 11 complete study guide looks really a Java lover's delight, full of worthy concepts. I would like to ask did you guys rewrote the end chapter questions as well and followed same way of not mentioning how many of options are correct in the questions, which surely make them pretty hard.


Thats absolutely right! finding time is my responsibility, was just shelling out as my situation is bit tricky especially because of ongoing corona mess!
price of most books is not a problem for most but finding time is!
congrats Anu, thanks for sharing your experience very helpful.
Hi Christian

Congratulations for this book! seems quite interesting.

I don't really have a question just a remark that this idea of reading a book with single project in mind, "2D block-pushing puzzle game" as mentioned in the introduction chapter is pretty neat. It will surely save the reader from mastering different contexts with every new chapter, and surely its more fun to tweak the game.


have a  great day!

Thanks Meenakshi, I am working on a Spring Boot based My SQL connected, thymeleaf front end project, besides working for OCA, I am also planning to do Angular + Spring Boot full stack project.

Any suggestions are welcome!

2 years ago